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NetDraw Version Information



Version Date Description
2.118 26 Nov 11
  • Fixed bug in routine that loads VNA files. Was failing for ANSI text files, but working for ASCII and unicode.
2.117 18 Oct 11
  • Fixed bug in Addtie routine so that networks created by directly adding ties could be saved properly
  • Made changes in Save Data|VNA to write unicode text files
2.116 17 Oct 11
  • Made changes in Open|Vna to read unicode text files
2.115 8 Oct 11
  • Attempted to fix bug preventing program from opening dl files in edgelist format
2.114 18 Aug 11
  • Fixed bug in zooming/resizing windows which was causing the layouts to not use all available space
2.113 22 Jul 11
  • Made changes in Analysis|Subgroups|Girvan-Newman routine to minimize round-off errors. All calculations now in double precision
  • No actual changes in data reading but I hope the odd problems that some users had with reading dl files are gone now
2.112 15 Jul 11
  • Fixed bug in Analysis|Centrality that was causing all closeness scores to have N added to them, where N was the number of nodes in the network
2.110 22 May 11
  • Fixed bug in open file dialog window which was causing problems when selecting non-ucinet files
2.109 19 May 11
  • Fixed bug in open file dialog window which was not allowing user to just type filename without extension
2.108 18 May 11
  • Fixed bug in color-by-attribute routine which was not allowing you to change the default colors
2.107 12 May 11
  • Fixed bug in Open Dataset dialog which was doing odd things with files with .txt extensions
2.104 08 May 11
  • Fixed bug in Color nodes by attributes window which was causing crashes
2.103 14 Apr 11
  • No actual fixes, just recompile and re-upload under superstitious belief that this will relieve Access Errors that some people are getting when running centrality measures
2.102 08 Apr 11
  • Fixed recently introduced bug causing problems reading DL files (labels look like gibberish)
2.101 22 Mar 11
  • Fixed bugs reading labels from old ucinet datasets
2.100 11 Mar 11
  • Slight speed-up for large datasets
  • Some support for unicode node labels added. Still far to go. In particular, vna files are not unicode-ready yet
2.099 20 Feb 11
  • Fixed File|Save Diagram as|Bitmap so as to save exactly what was on screen, rather than redrawing
2.097 21 Jun 10
  • Fixed Components and Blocks procedures so they operate correctly when some nodes have previously been deleted
2.096 30 May 10
  • Eliminated some unnecessary buttons on the toolbar, added zoom-in, zoom-out buttons
  • Temporarily removed malfunctioning link editor
2.095 25 May 10
  • Fixed Layout|Attributes as Coordinates, which was screwing up when there were isolates and/or hidden nodes
2.094 16 May 10
  • Upgraded node attribute editor, enabling adding/deleting nodes, adding/deleting attributes, and cutting and pasting into and out of the editor. This provides a simple way to transfer attributes into Netdraw
2.092 8 May 10
  • Tried to fix bug in vna reading routine which was causing errors on first reading a file (but not later). I'm no longer able to reproduce the error, but on the other hand I didn't really fix anything.
2.091 17 Nov 09
  • Fixed major bug in VNA reading routine which was omitting edges when only "from" and "to" columns were used (e.g., no relation column)
2.090 17 Sep 09
  • Changed drawing routine used on start-up to avoid some "fluttering" problems that people were experiencing.
2.089 16 Aug 09
  • Fixed bug preventing reading of multi-matrix 2-mode ucinet datasets
  • Fixed bug preventing editing of node attributes
2.087 14 Jul 09
  • Fixed graphics bug that was leaving white rectangle in middle of screen
2.086 20 May 09
  • Fixed "number of nodes" and "number of ties" counters to react immediately when data are loaded or nodes are filtered
  • On loading files, the open file dialog now has option to ignore ties with missing data as edge weights
  • When reading ucinet files, can now specify upper and lower range of matrix cell values to consider a tie
2.084 1 Feb 09
  • Made some internal changes to enable handling larger networks
2.083 22 Oct 08
  • Fixed bug introduced in version 2.082 which was preventing reading of DL files (the nodes showed up but no ties)
2.082 19 Oct 08
  • Fixed bug in data reading when adding additional relations to relations already in memory. Was screwing up after a several relations already loaded
  • Fixed bug in zooming feature that was preventing zooming to a configuration smaller than normal size
2.078 29 Apr 08
  • Fixed bug in reading ucinet system files that was causing program to allocate too much memory. Was slowing things down terribly!
  • Changed the way the Del and Ctrl-Del keys work, and replaced the ^Del and ~Del buttons with ~Nodes button.
2.074 07 Feb 08
  • Fixed bug in Properties|Nodes|Shape|by Attribute. Actually, this was fixed and uploaded a week ago, but I didn't change the version number or announce it.
2.073 13 Jan 08
  • Lightning bolt with equals sign now obeys the settings under Layout|graph theoretic|spring embedding

  • Numerous small changes to speed things up and simplify the interface.

2.071 08 Jan 08
  • Added Ctrl-C option to copy diagram to windows clipboard
  • Added experimental analysis|subgroups|polish routine intended to take any subgroup partition and improve it.
2.070 15 Dec 07
  • Fixed bug in OPEN which was hiding the box where you enter the minimum tie value
2.069 23 Nov 07
  • Fixed bug in batch command OUTPUTATTR. It was outputting blanks instead of numbers.
2.067 03 Nov 07
  • Added feature Layout|Group by Attribute to arrange node with similar attribute values to be near each other. Works with both categorical (e.g., department) and continuous attributes (e.g., betweenness)
  • Fixed bug in layout algorithm (lightning bolt with = sign) that sometimes prevented it from doing anything
  • Added Edit|Copy menu item that allows you to copy the diagram to the clipboard and paste to another program
2.064 12 Sep 07
  • Reorganized Properties|Nodes menu so that some options are now under new menu item called "Symbols". Symbols refers to the circles or squares or triangles etc that you use to mark a node
  • Fixed bug in Properties|Nodes|Labels|Size|By Attribute. It was sizing labels based on the attribute one down from the one you asked for
  • Made the Egonet viewer window stay on top
  • Added feature Properties|Nodes|Labels|Repaint. This lets you draw the labels on top of the node symbols, rather than be hidden by them
2.062 11 Jul 07
  • Fixed bug in Properties|nodes|shapes|by attribute. Was giving the shape one down in the menu from what you asked for.
2.061 10 JUL 07
  • Fixed major bug in Layout|Attribs as Coords procedure which was giving wrong answers when user had filtered out some nodes
2.060 10 JUL 07
  • Fixed bug in Node Attribute Editor preventing  proper updating of the network dataset
2.059 08 JUL 07
  • Added ability to reverse mapping of node attribute to node sizes, so that larger values correspond to smaller sizes.
  • Added similar capability to batch facility. Syntax is:

sizenodesbyattr <attributename> <minsize> <maxsize>


Sizenodesbyattr betweeness 5 20

If minsize is greater than maxsize, then the mapping is reversed.

  • Also ability in batch facility to use values of any node attribute as node labels. Syntax is:

labelnodesbyattr <attributename> [<number of decimal places>]

The number of decimal places is used when the attribute is numeric. The default number of decimal places is 3.


Labenodesbyattr betweeness 2

2.057 04 Jul 07
  • Added ability to choose line styles such as dashed, dotted, etc.
  • Added ability to save user preferences such as window position, default colors, etc to registry.
2.056 29 Jun 07
  • Added feature to Egonet procedure that allows visualizing extended egonet including nodes 2 links away
  • Fixed bug in egonet that would cause current egonet to be reset to first node whenever user clicked outside the egonet window
2.054 05 Apr 07
  • Fixed Properties|Nodes|Labels|Color|By Attribute so that it changes color of labels as it is supposed to instead of changing node colors as it was doing.
2.053 05 Mar 07
  • Made a number of adjustments to make NetDraw work better in international settings
2.051 28 Feb 07
  • Fixed bug in import dl procedure that was preventing input of nodelist2 formatted files.
2.050 25 Feb 07
  • Modified some of the analytic procedures to give more indication when the procedure was finished processing
2.049 04-Feb-07
  • Added ability to run both the whole network and the ego network models for structural holes measures
2.048 9-Jan-07
  • Added ability to control number of decimal places in edge weight labels
2.047 27-Dec-06
  • Changed Properties|Lines|Color|Relation facility so that it respects which relations are currently active (as determined by the checkboxes in the Rels tab)
2.046 02-Dec-06
  • Replaced facility for coloring lines based on which relation they represent.
2.045 02-Nov-06
  • Fixed bug in hierarchical clustering (under Analysis|Subgroups). Should cluster more sensibly now.
2.043 2-Sep-06
  • (forgot to update version number)
  • Fixed bug in emily's chart that was not permitting selection of ID variable
  • fixed another bug in emily's chart that was causing crashes when user did other things while chart dialogue was open and then returned to chart dialogue
  • Changed xml output so that color was output as hex value rather than a tcolor integer.
2.043 26 August 06
  • Added xml output capability to batch facility. You can output attributes (and graphical properties like color) or relations. Syntax is as follows:
    SAVENODESXML <filename>
    SAVETIESXML <filename>
  • Also added ability to set node shapes via an attribute in the batch facility. Syntax is:
    SHAPENODESBYATTR <attribute name>
  • Modified batch facility's color-by-attribute command to work with non-numeric attributes.
2.042 26 August 06
  • Fixed bug introduced this summer causing problems reading ties in VNA files.
2.41 06 July 06
  • Fixed bug in print procedure
2.40 19 June 06
  • Added option in right-click pop-up menu for turning labels on/off
  • Modified attribute reader to give some feedback when data have been read
  • Added ^Del button to toolbar. Pressing this causes all currently inactive or invisible nodes and lines to become permanently so. This allows you to then use the node selector, for example, to further eliminate certain nodes (without the ones originally eliminated suddenly coming back). This is the ame as the Ctrl-Del key combination that has always been there.
2.39 11 June 06
  • Fixed Simmelian ties procedures to work properly when user has made some ties inactive.
2.38 20 May 06
  • Modified Simmelian ties procedure to deliver three separate relations instead of a single valued relation, and to return asymmetric ties instead of flagging dyads as asymmetric.
2.36 23 April 06
  • Fixed transform|symmetrize procedure to work with valued data. Note that it always works on all ties whether they are currently active or not
  • Change Newman-Girvan display window so that it is always positioned at the top of the output instead of the bottom
2.34 1 April 06
  • Added ability to create new nodes. Just press button on toolbar that has a dot in the center. Then click somewhere in the graph space. A new node will appear. (Note that you can create ties between any two nodes by selecting both and right-clicking, then choosing add ties.)
2.32 26 March 06
  • Changed "fast" Factions routine to give better quality results
  • Changed internal handling of attribute data. Previously, you could get errors if you read attribute data after running subgroup routines
  • Fixed Emily's chart -- was previously grabbing the attribute next to the one the user selected
2.31 19 March 06
  • Tried to fix bug where the program sometimes fails to listen when you ask it to change size of nodes. Did not succeed.
2.30 14 February 06
  • Fixed bug added in version 2.29 that was not letting you open a ucinet file as an attribute file.
2.29 22 January 06
  • Fixed major bug recently introduced which caused saving of vna files to have various problems, including losing values in valued networks.
2.28 13 January 06
  • Fixed bug in reading 2-mode datasets
2.26 12 January 06
  • Added ability to size nodes by attribute using batch facility. The syntax is:
    • SIZENODESBYATTR <attributename>
  • Fixed bugs in batch facility that causing it to select the attribute next to the attribute that was asked for when output data to text file or coloring nodes.
  • The batch command manual has been updated.
2.24 22 October 05
  • Added additional options to the prospects and levers measures
2.22 20 October 05
  • Added directed centrality measures.
2.21 12 October 05
  • Upgraded centrality measures to handle large datasets. Also moved degree measures to this menu. Note that structural holes measures have not been upgraded yet.
  • Modified switches like edge labels, arrowheads, etc. so that user can specify whether they apply to all nodes/lines or just visible ones. Should make things less confusing.
2.19 9 September 05
  • Improved import of Pajek files that don't contain coordinates.
  • Also enabled reading of vna files that have no relations
2.18 5 September 05
  • Added the ability to select a set of nodes by lassoing.
  • Added feature to pop-up menu so that when you right-click on a set of selected nodes, you can then delete or create ties among them
  • Sometime recently I also added a "coalesce" feature to the pop-up menu. If you select a set of nodes and then press Coalesce, they all move toward each other, emphasizing their groupiness.
  • Recoded the lightning bolt with an equals sign in preparation for making it faster. Let me know if any problems.
  • Changed the Ordination routine -- which locates points making full use of tie strengths -- so that it uses the same processing as UCINET's metric scaling. Results are much better.
2.17 21 August 05
  • Fixed bug in Properties|Lines|Colors|By Node Attribute. Related to other recent bugs:  I recently changed the internal number of attributes from 1-based to 0-based. Naturally, I missed a few places ... Thanks to Emily Case and Patti Anklam for pointing this out.
2.16 16 August 05
  • Fixed bug in print routine which was adding a blank strip to the right of the page.
  • Added export to Pajek ".vec" file
  • Fixed recently-acquired bug that was preventing export to Pajek ".clu" files.
2.15 12 August 05
  • Fixed bug in exporting to Pajek ".net" files -- previously, export only worked when all nodes were active. Now you can export a subset.
2.14 11 August 05
  • Changed the way "link weights" option works on the ties panel. Previously, it had two states: checked and unchecked. Now, it has three states: checked, unchecked, and grayed out. In addition, changing the state would have immediate effect. Now, you need to press another button, such as the ties reset button (labeled "R" on the ties panel), in order to see the effects.
  • The default state is grayed out, which means that tie weights are shown or not shown for any given tie depending on that the settings of the that tie's linkweight property. 
  • The purpose of these changes is to allow a person to either set a global property for displaying link weights for all ties (checked state), or for not displaying link weights on any ties (unchecked state), or not imposing either rule and letting the properties of each individual link determine whether link weights are shown. For example, set link weights to grayed, make visible only ties of a certain tie strength, then go to Properties|Lines|Show link weights and click that on. The visible ties will now have tie strengths displayed. Now make visible all ties. You should now see tie weights only for the ties of a certain tie strength.
2.13 1 August 05
  • K-core program now outputs variable that is sorted in numerical rather than lexicographic order
  • Centrality procedure was failing to run if you didn't choose an attribute to size nodes by. Now it works ok even if you don't wish to resize nodes.
2.12 26 July 05
  • Added some node-level keyplayer metrics.
  • Fixed bug in node-level measures (e.g., centrality) that caused error messages after calculating centrality on a subset of nodes
2.10 3 July 05
  • Made change in data reader for UCINET, DL, and Pajek files. Should load large datasets much faster and eliminate "out of memory" errors. Tested it on sparse network of 3500 nodes and had no problems, though it is still slower than reading a VNA file
  • Modified component routine to provide information on the size of each component
  • Added new button on toolbar called "MC" which stands for "main component". Deletes all nodes not in main component.
  • Added "stop" window to lightning bolt layout commands. This makes it obvious how to stop the layout from iterating, and let's you know when it it is done (and therefore safe to do something else).
  • Restored ability to delete ties within or between groups of nodes. See Properties|lines|color|by node attribute. Thanks to Emily Case for pointing out that the capability had been lost.
2.9 2 July 2005
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect assignment of node properties (such as color or size) using nodes tab on right hand panel
2.8 1 July 2005
  • Massive speed-up in the "nodes" tab on the right-hand panel. Now handles 3500 nodes (if read in as a VNA file only) very quickly
  • Added two batch commands
    • LIMITNODESTO <list of nodeids>. Used to filter nodes to a particular set of nodes, as in LIMITNODESTO holly bill mary. (not case sensitive). Entering LIMITNODESTO without an argument resets the filter to make all nodes active. 
    • LABELS ON|OFF. Turn node labels on or off for all nodes currently active.
  • The batch command manual has been updated.
2.7 29 June 2005
  • Removed "feature" from Girvan-Newman routine in which pendants were removed from network prior to calculating betweenness in an effort to speed up the calculations. This caused problems with some graphs.
2.6 23 June 2005
  • Fixed bug introduced in Version 2.5 causing layout procedures to iterate endlessly.
2.5 21 June 2005
  • Changed names of centrality measures.
2.4 31 May 2005
  • Fixed problems with Symmetrize and Reciprocal Ties when working with a subgraph (i.e., when filtering)
2.3 30 May 2005
  • Reinstated the "shortlabel" field in vna files. Actually, users should migrate to "labeltext" instead of shortlabel.
  • Created separate menu choices for egonetwork measures and for centrality. Added support for directed and undirected centrality measures
  • Transform menu now has two procedures, Simmelian ties and Symmetrize, which alow creating new tie sets (relations).
2.2 23 May 2005
  • Added (rudimentary) node measures such as indegree, outdegree, effective size, constraint,  betweenness
  • Thanks to David Dreyfus, I learned how to make the right hand panel resizeable
2.1 21 May 2005
  • Moved the node selection and tie selection windows into a tabbed panel on the right of screen
  • Improved positioning of image on screen to not cutoff labels on right
  • Added right click functions such as showing ego net of current node and highlighting all nodes of same color
  • Added ability to drag all selected nodes in same direction (just drag one of the selected nodes, then release mouse: the others will follow)
  • Added egonet batch command. Syntax is DrawEgoNet <node id>
  • Documentation for batch commands is here.
1.48 25 Feb 2005
  • Hooked up the properties|lines|color|relation routine. This will color lines by which relation they belong to. When a tie exists in more than one relation, a separate color is used.
1.47 12 Feb 2005
  • Added selectrelation <relationname> to batch system. Without this, the batch system would draw a network containing all ties defined in the input data.
  • Fixed bug in batch command colornodesbyattr which did not allow quotes in arguments (e.g., colornodesbyattr "department" would previously not work).
  • Changed batch system's loadvna command to accept openvna as a substitute. Note that the information for version 1.45 had listed "openvna" as the command instead of "loadvna".
1.46 27 Jan 2005
  • Added savejpg <filename> command to the batch system.
1.45 13 Jan 2005
  • Added error message when reading vna attribute files that don't have ID field
  • Added additional batch commands. The command set now includes:
    • loadvna <filename>
    • runlayout
    • colornodesbyattr <attributename>
    • savemetafile <filename>
    • close
  • Added batch command-line parameter. So now you can run Netdraw from command line prompt and have it execute the contents of the batch file, like this:


    where the file MYBATCHFILE.TXT would contain commands like:

    loadvna datatime1.vna
    colornodesbyattr gender
    savemetafile datatime1.emf
    loadvna datatime2.vna
    colornodesbyattr gender
    savemetafile datatime2.emf
1.44 20 Dec 2004
  • Added Q modularity statistic to Newman-Girvan routine
1.43 29 Nov 2004
  • Changed import of attributes from UCINET file so as to retain 3 decimal places instead of 1
  • Modified reading of attributes from vna files to avoid shifting over of columns
1.41 2 Nov 2004
  • Added "SAVEUCINET <filename>" command to batch language, as well as "SAVEUCIATTR <filename>", for automatically saving networks and node attributes respectively in UCINET format.
1.40 24 Oct 2004
  • Added ability to for circle layout routine to sort nodes by any attribute (such as label). Still rough around the edges but works.
1.39 17 Oct 2004
  • Added the ability to set node label font size based on node attribute.
  • Fixed bug in tie dialogue window that caused it to lose which relation was currently being shown
  • Changed Open File dialogue to reposition buttons.
  16 Aug 2004
  • That last upload was apparently screwed up. I've uploaded again.
1.38 1 Aug 2004
  • Simplified Open File buttons to allow reading different kinds of formats from the same dialog box. 22 Jul 2004
  • Fixed bug introduced on July 4 (version .35) that required vna files that had a "node properties" or a "tie properties" section to include a column labeled "active". Now, this is optional. 4 Jul 2004
  • Fixed bug in Save Data As|VNA which was causing deleted nodes to be saved into the file. 14 Apr 2004
  • Added new procedure under "Layout" called Emily's Chart. Is basically a generalization of the ego-net capability. Allows you to choose one or more groups of nodes (defined by an attribute vector) and then examine ties from that group to the network as a whole 13 Apr 2004
  • Added toolbar buttons to control size of nodes and labels
  • Fixed bug yielding wrong attribute label when just one attribute was read in 21 Mar 2004
  • Link and node editors added. Still very simple functionality, but will grow. 16 Feb 2004
  • The various windows work better -- more reliably. For example, they retain the attribute previously selected. 14 Jan 2004
  • Improved the node coloring window to handle larger datasets more quickly and smoothly. Also updated the node selection window. 15 Dec 2003
  • Added new facility that enables boolean AND selection of ties based on tie strengths on different relations. For example, you can select ties in which FriendshipStrength > 2 AND YearsKnown > 4. Find it under Properties|Ties|Boolean selection 15 Dec 2003
  • Fixed bug in MORE... facility that allows you to do boolean combinations of relations. Previously, it ignored any dichotomization cutoffs. Now, it respects those cutoffs. 5 Dec 2003
  • Added ability to create layouts using metric mds of edge weights -- e.g., strength of tie.
  • Added ability to layout nodes based on node attributes (such as centrality versus rank). 14 Jun 2003
  • Corrected problem with changing colors of lines based on node-attributes (i.e., lines within a group colored differently from lines between groups). 
  • Added ability to enable/disable lines between and within groups -- use the Properties|Lines|Colors|Attribute-based menu to access 27 Apr 2003
  • Corrected problem with reading tie properties in VNA files. 18 April 2003
  • Corrected serious bug in DL data reading for nodelists and edgelists with labels embedded. Previously, the structure of the network was correct but the node labels were wrong. Now it gets it right. 17 Apr 2003
  • Added Newman-Girvan routine to Analysis|Subgroups menu. This version is faster than ucinet's version. 
  • Fixed problems with running Netdraw on machines in which region/language setting was not English. This hopefully eliminates the mysterious " '0.10' is not a valid number" error. 7 Apr 2003
  • Added Factions routine to Analysis|Subgroups menu. Finds cohesive subgroups via combinatorial optimization routine 30 Mar 2003
  • Added "modify" checkbox to selector window which allows you to, say, first delete women and then within the remaining group delete instructors. I.e., nested node selection of a limited kind
  • Fixed tie window so that when you read in multiple files they are automatically limited to the tie strength specified in the tie window 23 Mar 2003
  • Fixed problem with node selector window that was missing down arrow for selecting attributes. Apparently had to do with running netdraw on machine with different screen settings than source machine 20 Mar 2003
  • Fixed problems writing VNA files involving node labels with trailing spaces 15 Mar 2003
  • Fixed problems with reading DL text files
  • Added ability to read attribute files with no labels
  • Node selector and attribute-based coloring dialog windows improved 25 Jan 2003
  • New version numbering system
  • Facilities like node selection, node coloring and tie selection are now implemented as separate windows that can remain open all the time. 
0.82 16 Dec 2002
  • Ability to choose whether node labels are placed are opaque (covering lines below) or transparent (can see lines below) has been added to properties menu
  • Default values on node properties changed. 
  • Bugs in vna complete reader fixed -- can now read files that have no attributes and no edge values
0.80 11 Dec 2002
  • Ability to read and write VNA files implemented. Several advantages: (a) VNA files can combine node attributes, node properties (color shape size, etc), and tie data all in the same text file; (b) VNA files allow textual attributes so that variables like Gender can have values "male" and "female" rather than numeric codes. 
  • Node selecting has been decoupled from node coloring -- one no longer affects the other
  • Ability to make the node labels be the values of any node attribute
0.73 7 Oct 2002
  • Fixed bug in saving metafile output
0.72 6 Oct 2002
  • Added ability to access all controls while node rotation window is open
  • Added ability to read attribute files with different numbers of nodes or different ordering of nodes than the network in memory. Procedure matches node labels. 
  • Some internal issues regarding how node properties are changed according to a node attribute were fixed
0.71 5 Oct 2002
  • Facility for displaying each node's ego network added
  • Buttons for egonetwork and mds added


29 Sept 2002
  • Fast MDS layout routine added (see Layout menu)
  • Gower layout added to menu
0.69 27 Sept 2002
  • New node shapes added, such as triangles, diamonds, and plus signs. Note: arrows not yet optimized for the new shapes, which means they don't meet up perfectly
0.68 26 Sept 2002
  • Ability to save network data as UCINET system file added
0.65 24 Sept 2002
  • Principal components layout added
  • New buttons added (duplicating existing menu options). 
  • Feature changed so that now when you change shape or size of node, it doesn't reset the colors as well
  • Ability to press Esc key to stop iteration added. Unclear whether it works -- still requires patience while it finishes current iteration.
0.64 20 Sept 2002
  • New feature added. Now, nodes can have one of two shapes: circles and squares. Shape can be applied as a general property of all active nodes, or controlled by an attribute.
  • The Pajek and Mage export routines were fixed. Previously, when the user had deleted nodes, the export routines were failing to renumber the nodes. Mage did not mind, but Pajek did.  
0.63 17 Sept 2002
  • The Pajek and Mage export routines were fixed. Previously, when the user had deleted nodes, the export routines were failing to renumber the nodes. Mage did not mind, but Pajek did. 


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