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For Your Amusement ...

Medieval help desk


Need help learning Vista or Office 2007? Can't figure out UCINET? It has always been thus with information technology -- all the way back to the introduction of the book. Check out the medieval help desk


Games scientists play


“When mathematicians and physicists are left alone in a room, one of the games they’ll play is called a Fermi problem, in which they try to figure out the approximate answer to an arbitrary problem,” said Rebecca Saxe, a cognitive neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is married to a physicist. “They’ll ask, how many piano tuners are there in Chicago, or what contribution to the ocean’s temperature do fish make, and they’ll try to come up with a plausible answer.” [full article]



Why bankers are better than consultants

< the rap >

courtesy of Dan Halgin


Check out this physics rap on youtube:

< alpinekat >

read about the rapper here

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