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New publishing schedule. Several years ago, CONNECTIONS came out in April and October. Over time, we slowly moved the dates forward so that work on the journal could be done when school wasn't in session. The later dates also had the advantage that the final issue in a volume could contain all the remaining abstracts from a given calendar year. But there was also a problem: the second issue of any given year would actually arrive in subscribers' hands in the next calender year. That's the case with the issue you are reading right now. This confuses some people, who think they missed out on an issue, while others think the issue is just horribly late. (Had a little trouble with this issue, Steve? <nudge> <nudge>.)

So we're making a change. But rather than change the actual schedule, what we're really changing is the labeling. The first issue of each volume will now be sent to the printers in January, and the second will be sent in July. So is this issue the first issue of volume 21? No. We could have done that, but then volume 20 would have only had one issue, which seems improper and might have lead some indexing organizations to drop CONNECTIONS. So what we are doing is publishing two issues nearly back to back. We have quite a few manuscripts in the queue, so we can afford to do this. However, we obviously cannot have abstracts in both issues, and it makes little sense to have two separate Ties & Bonds separated by a just a few weeks, so this issue will not contain either of those regular features -- look for them in 21(1).

Should CONNECTIONS continue as a hard-copy journal, or should it go 100% webzine? If we eliminate the paper version, we can cut INSNA dues in half. We can also put out more issues per year and we can give CONNECTIONS a special positioning in the market -- it could become the place to publish papers containing color graphics, animation, software, etc. I'm strongly in favor of it and would like to implement this step in 1999. What does the membership think?
Editorship of CONNECTIONS. In the last issue, I reported a plan to have Candy Jones ( take over my INSNA subscription functions while I took over her duties as Editor of CONNECTIONS. The INSNA board has now approved that switch, so with this issue I officially begin my tenure as editor.
INSNA membership. Candy Jones ( and her assistant Lorie Flacker ( handle all membership and subscription functions, as they have been doing for several months now. Please contact them directly.


1998 Conference. The ‘98 International Social Network conference will be held in Sitges (near Barcelona, Spain). The dates are Thursday, May 28 to Sunday, May 31, with some workshops on Wednesday, May 27. The meetings are jointly organized by:

  • Alain Degenne
  • Josť Luis Molina
  • Thomas Schweizer
  • Tom Snijders
  • Frans Stokman
  • Evelien Zeggelink

Registration information can be found on the INSNA web site, and also on the next pages in this issue.

Steve Borgatti
INSNA Coordinator