Sunbelt XVIII and 5th European International Conference on Social Networks




Sessions are planned on a number of topics. The following are the session themes, with their organisers. Papers about other topics can also be submitted.

"Family seen as network" (Walter Bien) bien@dji.de

"Networks and Games" (Elisa Bienenstock) ejb@leland.stanford.edu

"Cognition and social networks" (Kathleen Carley & Evelien Zeggelink) carley+@centro.soar.cs.cmu.edu

"Networks and virtual organizations" (Noshir S. Contractor) nosh@ux6.cso.uiuc.edu

"Social capital and its measurements" (Alain Degenne, Michel Forse, Tom Snijders, & Henk Flap) Degenne@criuc.unicaen.fr

"Blockmodels" (Pat Doreian) pitpat+@pitt.edu

"Gender, work, and networks" (Bonnie Erickson) ericson@chass.utoronto.ca

"Methodology" (Martin Everett) m.g.everett@greenwich.ac.uk

"Quality of network data" (Anuska Ferligoj) anuska.ferligoj@uni-lj.si

"Exchanges in personal networks" (Alexis Ferrand) alexis.ferrand@univ-lille1.fr

"Statistical network models" (Ove Frank & Tom Snijders) ove.frank@stat.su.se

"Health care and social networks" (Jane Holschuh) HOLSCHUH@macc.wisc.edu

"Cohesion and Solidarity" (Eugene C. Johnsen) johnsen@math.ucsb.edu

Communication and exploration: Issues in social network visualization" (Patrick Kenis) Patrick.Kenis@uni-konstanz.de

"Organizational networks" (David Krackhardt & Emmanuel Lazega) krack+@andrew.cmu.edu

"Policy networks" (Thomas Koenig) tkoenig@mzes.uni-mannheim.de

"Hierarchies in markets" (Alessandro Lomi) alx@economia.unibo.it

"Advances in the Study of Personal Networks" (Chris McCarty) ufchris@ufl.edu

"Networks and Professions" (Josep A. Rodriguez) jardiaz@riscd2.eco.ub.es

"The problem of institutions: cooperation in exchange and evolution" (Thomas Schweizer & Douglas R. White) Thomas.Schweizer@UNI-KOELN.DE

"Social capital in post communism" (Endre Sik) sik@tarki.hu

"Evolution of Social Networks" (Frans N. Stokman & P. Doreian) F.N.Stokman@ppsw.rug.nl

"Social support networks" (Theo van Tilburg) TilburgTGvan@scw.vu.nl

"Diffusion of Innovations" (Thomas W. Valente) tvalente@jhu.edu

"Computer Networks and Social Networks" (Barry Wellman) wellman@chass.utoronto.ca

A panel discussion will be held with the title "Whither Social Networks?"