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Social Networks Exercises (Homework)

Day 2. Mathematical Foundations


  1. Introducing data
    1. Objective:

                                                             i.      Get to know the procedure of coding Network Data into UCINET.

                                                           ii.      Build 3 Networks ( From Wassermann & Faust 1994 Chap. 2)

    1. Procedure

                                                             i.      Open UCINET

                                                           ii.      Open Spreadsheet

                                                        iii.      Type these labels: Allison, Drew, Sarah, Eliot, Keith and Ross

                                                          iv.      Type these relations (Reported Friendship Beginning)):

1.     Allison to Drew,

2.     Allison to Ross,

3.     Drew to Sarah, 

4.     Drew to Eliot,

5.     Eliot to Drew,

6.     Keith to Ross,

7.     Ross to Sarah, and

8.     Sarah to Drew.

                                                            v.      Saved it as “Exercise 2_1”


                                                          vi.      Do the same with (Reported Friendship at the end):

1.     <Allison, Drew.>

2.     <Allison, Ross>

3.     <Drew, Sarah>

4.     <Drew, Eliot>

5.     <Drew, Ross>

6.     <Eliot, Ross>

7.     <Keith, Drew>

8.     <Keith, Ross>

9.     <Ross, Keith>

10.                        <Ross, Sarah>

11.                        <Sarah, Drew>

                                                       vii.      Save it as Exercise 2_2


                                                     viii.      Do the same with (Lives near) (Clue: Is it a graph or digraph)?

1.     (Allison, Ross)

2.     (Allison, Sarah)

3.     (Drew, Eliot)

4.     (Keith, Ross)

5.     (Keith, Sarah)

6.      (Ross, Sarah)

                                                         ix.      Save as Exercise 2_3

                                                           x.      Do the same with (“is a student of”)

1.     <Allison, Jones>

2.     <Drew, Smith>

3.     <Eliot, Davis>

4.     <Keith, White>

5.     <Sarah, Smith>


                                                         xi.      Draw the networks using Netdraw by clicking the Colour icon on the tool bar. (One by one). Save them in bmp format. Paste the pictures in a Word document.

    1. Find Components in Excercise2_3
    2. Create a Graph (Single Relations) form 2_2. (TransformàDichotomize) (Clue: What is friendship?
    3. Calculate (By Hand) The Out and Indegree of 2_1 and 2_2
    4. You have two cars to take this people to work everyday. Which sets of people you would suggest to use the cars, based on data available?