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26 July 05. I've uploaded participants' email addresses. Click on "participants" at left. Still waiting.for people's descriptions of themselves.

18 July 05. Uploaded the class photos. They are here.

28 June 05. You may be interested in the social networks conference taking place in Zurich in October. The details are here.

13 July 05. Details on the Oxford conference organized for and by past students in this course are here. It is this weekend.

10 July 05. The class is held every day from 10:00-13:30 in room 5N 4.7. The lab is "A".

28 June 05. This year, Martin Everett will be teaching the first week of the course. I will be teaching the second week.

3 Oct 04. For information on how to sign up for the 2005 course, contact Janet Brightmore at the U of Essex Summer School. This session will run from July 9 through July 22, 2005.

24 July 04. Brian has created a Yahoo group for us so that we can continue to discuss how to do network analysis. To join, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SNAEssex2004/. In addition, Brian has created a Wiki framework that will enable each of us to build on Diederik's UCINET  tutorial. Find it here:  http://www.dyads.net. Finally, he has provided the following link for creating online surveys: http://www.shieling.org.uk/survey/index.php.

24 July 04. I've reorganized the pictures. If your pictures are not here, please let me know. I've also added contact information (i.e., email addresses) of the participants to their biographical information. Look here.

22 July 04. Diederik's UCINET manual is here.

22 July 04. Charlie's pictures are here.

16 July 04. Pictures from the pizza party are available here.

14 July 04. Paper on robustness of centrality measures is here.

14 July 04. The party tonight is at 61 Maidenburgh in Colchester, just north of High St. at 7:30 pm. Bring Your Own Bottle. All the 7X (e.g., 77, 78) buses run from Essex South Courts to Colchester Bus Station.

14 July 04. Descriptions of participants added here

12 July 04. Pictures of the class have been posted here

06 July 04. This web site is currently under construction.

21 July 03. Thanks to all for an enjoyable and satisfying 2 weeks! Astrid's latest pictures are in a zip file here. I haven't forgotten about the slide presentations.

15 July 03. The schedule has been changed -- please see new order of events. Apparently the textbook is here or is arriving soon.

14 July 03. Astrid's pictures of the Indian restaurant excursion are here!

8 July 03. Articles in the reading packet have been highlighted in the schedule. They are worth reading.

7 July 03. I fixed some errors in the course schedule. Note: readings in Xeroxed packet are not yet listed in the schedule. Patience. 

3 July 03. The course schedule is ready. Click on "schedule" at left. In preparation for class, it would be useful to read the first week's readings.