Drawing Networks With UCINET

This is probably not worth the trouble and aggravation of trying to learn, but for those that want to try, here are some instructions.


1. Download UCINET from the web at www.analytictech.com/downloaduc.htm  (the password is "rhone" without the quotes). 

2. After installing ucinet, and starting it up, enter the network matrix in an excel spreadsheet. Make sure you have names of the people along the borders of the table, like this:

  Mary Joe Jesus
Mary 0 115 500
Joe 115 0 1000
Jesus 500 1000 0

3. Highlight everything, press copy and switch to the ucinet window. click on the spreadsheet symbol on the right of the ucinet window (or go to DATA menu and choose spreadsheet). Paste the matrix into the ucinet spreadsheet. Press save button (looks like floppy disk) and give the file a name with no extension (e.g., TALKS-TO  but don't use TALKS-TO.DAT). press ok.

4. IN the ucinet main menu, choose Tools, then MDS then Non-metric. Where it says input dataset: enter your dataset name (e.g., TALKS-TO). Press ok. You will see a picture. to save the picture, go to File in the picture window, and choose Save Chart As Metafile. Save it in a folder you can find again!

5. In Microsoft Word, use Insert|Picture to call in your saved chart. Use Word's line-drawing tool to draw lines between pairs of people that have particularly strong ties.


Good luck.