Student Questionnaire

The data collected in the questionnaire will be used to create some class exercises. In most cases, no individual-level data will be revealed to anyone. However, I may decide to use some of the individual-level data for one exercise. In that case, all names will be removed, as well as any variables that could be used to identify a specific individual (e.g. "what country do you come from?" -- if there is only one person from China in the class, this variable would immediately identify that person).

There are two sections to the questionnaire, one is Lifestyle, and this one you print out, fill in the answers, and hand that in in class. The other one you take online, and after it gives your results, you print that out and hand in as well. Please put your name on each one.

Here's the instructions for the online questionnaire:

  1. Goto the web site
  2. Fill out the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II questionnaire online
  3. Click the "score test" button at the bottom
  4. Print out the page that comes back with your scores. Don't forget to put your name on it. And make sure to memorize your Myers-Briggs code (e.g., ESTJ or INTP) before handing in the paper

NOTE:  You can also fax the materials to me at +1 978 456-7373.  DUE WEDNESDAY.