Social Network Questionnaire

In this questionnaire, I will ask you about your ties to other people in the class. Basically, you'll see a list of everyone's names, and some boxes next to them that you can check off or enter numbers into. 

The results will be presented in class and used to illustrate concepts of social network analysis and informal organization. This means that the data will NOT be kept confidential.  

When you're done, press the "Submit" button. Please note that before pressing "Submit", you must enter your own name -- that's crucial!

Thanks for your help.

Q1. Using the checkboxes below, please indicate which persons you would regard as your friend. I don't just mean that you are friendly with them, but that they are a member of your regular circle of friends. 

Q2. Check off the names of all the people that you knew before taking this course. By "know" I mean that you can attach a face to the name, and that you have spoken to each other at least once prior to taking this course.

Full Name Q1 Friend Q2 Knew Before
Abby Weaver
Adam Wexler
Adam Basarich
Adam Friedman
Adam Moore
Amy Yuratovac
Aneurys Pereyra
Anna Plewa
Arar Han
Aroom Han
Betty De Leon
Brandon Marini
Brian Klug
Brian O'Leary
Brian Cole
Bryan McKeon
Catherine Lefloch
Catherine Boron
Katie Murphy
Cathy Tang
Chad Turner
Chris Tully
Chris Martino
Danny Caruso
Dan Pflug
David Champagne
David Cross
Dave Klos
Denise Kardonski
Derek Sbrogna
Dmitry Agalakov
Eduardo Moreno
Eli Akerstein
Liz McClure
Emily Terry
Erica Rosenthal
Felicia Calabria
Gerard Erbeck
Grant Adams
Hilarie Shanley
Isabelle Boone
Jim Russo
Jared Ross
Jarrod Phipps
Jennifer Lo
Jessica Sanchez
Joanna Bogado
John Armstrong
John Everett
Jonathan Chan
Jon Thackeray
Jonathan Yudt
Joe Gorzynski
Katherine Scobbo
Katie Feder
Katie Foody
Kim Straceski
Kristen Disenso
Kristin Dunn
Leonard Burke
Linsey Thornton
Luis Santiago
Manan Patel
Mark Winchester
Matt Lubelczyk
Melissa Avelino
Mike Lucarelli
Michael Loretta
Mirjam Wit
Nick Riolo
Nicole Roco
Raffi Samkiranian
Raymond Mazzeo
Rebecca Toth
Brian Mueller
Rob Daly
Robert Shoemaker
Ryan Hoffmeister
Ryan Guthrie
Sara Schenk
Sarah Bettencourt
Shannon Meade
Stephen Wyremski
Steve Fischetti
Steve Trapani
Teresa Concepcion
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Dolby
Tiffany Shih
Tim Kearns
William Lorenzo
Yousef Ghanem
Zach Hively


Your name:  (Important note: you must enter your own name. )