Let me know if you are interested in having me nominate you for the opportunity below.

Dear Professor,

The BC recruiting team for the Internal Consulting Services (ICS) analyst
program at JPMorgan Chase will be visiting campus in late September to

search for candidates to strengthen the presence and reputation of BCers
within the bank. As always, we seek very bright candidates, but we also
recruit for qualities that can't necessarily be appreciated by reading a
resume. We would like your help in identifying individuals who best meet
our candidate profile and who you believe would be most successful in a
rotational leadership development program which focuses on building
process, project, analytical, and strategy skills through roles in
operations, financial management, product management, risk management, and
human resources.

The ICS program now offers a Human Resources concentration, available only
in the NY location.  This concentration provides several analysts, with a
special interest in HR, the opportunity to rotate within different areas of
HR.  Analysts are guaranteed three of their four rotations in HR; at least
one rotation must be in a line of business.

If you are familiar with any rising seniors who have demonstrated an
interest and an exceptional potential for success in such a program, please
reply to this note with their names. The team will then leverage your
feedback in identifying several key candidates to target when we arrive on
campus to conduct a general information session.

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail or at the phone number listed
below if you have questions about the program or the efforts of the Boston
College Recruiting Team. Thanks in advance for your help.

Beth Easow
CSOM 2003

Elizabeth Easow
JPMorgan Chase, ICS Analyst
Global Procurement Services