Homework Assignment
Kevin Bacon Game

Your assignment is to visit the Kevin Bacon Game website and find a real movie actor (TV-only actors don't count) who is more than 3 links ("degrees of separation") from Kevin Bacon. The more links separating the actor from Kevin Bacon the better. You get bonus points for each link over 4 (but less than infinite).

Bring a printout of your most successful attempt to class.

Example. Go to the website and type "Julianne Moore" in the search box. The result is this:

The Oracle says: julianne moore has a Bacon number of 2.

Julianne Moore was in Body of Evidence (1993) with Jeff (I) Perry
Jeff (I) Perry was in Wild Things (1998) with Kevin Bacon

So you see, Julianne Moore is only 2 links away from Kevin Bacon. The assignment is to find an actor who is 4 or more links away from Kevin Bacon. The more links, the more points you get, except that infinite distance counts for nothing.

Note: Other O.B. classes are also doing this. I'll give the whole class bonus points if we beat the other classes.