My name is Jessie Cheuk-Ling Yu. I am currently a senior majoring in Finance,
Economics, and Human Resources Management. One of the reasons why I have a
triple major is of course, I am quite interested in the above subjects.
Besides, I also want to challenge and enrich myself with different aspects of

I originally come from Hong Kong, the place where I born and grown up. My
native language is not English, but Cantonese, one of the hardest languages to
learn by foreigners. I have been in Boston for 5 years since my junior year
in high school. Thanks to my mom who came to stay with me for my two years of
high school in Boston. Without my mom's support and care, I would not survive
until now. The difficulties in learning a foreign language, the culture
shocks and the communication problems drove me crazy when I first came to this
new place. Fortunately, I think I made it now!


Here is just a little about myself. I am a Senior Human Development major
with a minor in Human Resources (which I want to head into after school). I
have enjoyed the classes I've taken in both areas, so I am happy with my
choices. I grew up in Greenwich, CT, where my dad still lives, and my mom
resides in New Orleans. I have a twin brother and three stepbrothers, so I
hang around well with the opposite sex. It is not uncommon to find me on a
couch next to four or five of my male friends who have been glued to the TV
hours before I arrived. I live in a four person suite in Ignacio. I also am
extremly happy with my choice to come to BC because of the genuine people have
have meet over the past three years. I attempted to be a BC Varsity athlete
my freshman year, and although I enjoyed my experience and being a part of a
team, I retired my skates after that year. I went abroad to Australia last
fall and studied outside of Sydney.


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Michelle DiLisi and I am
sadly entering my senior year. I am a Human Resource major in CSOM, and I
plan on trying to find myself a great job by the end of this semester so that
I feel like I have some direction for the year. I was born and raised in
Southern NJ. I have two brothers, one who is entering his second year of Med
school, and one younger one who is a senior in high school. I also have a dog
named Quincy, whom I miss every time I have to go back to school.
This summer I had the opportunity to try out my HR skills, through an
internship at the Philadelphia Zoo. I surprisingly learned a lot of
information, but most importantly I had a great time. Every day during lunch
I would get to check out the monkeys, or visit the white tiger cubs. I even
had the chance to pet a newborn leopard cub. So all in all, my summer was
Now that I am back at school, I took on the challenge of being an RA once
again. Therefore I am stationed in the lovely high rise of Walsh, but I am
glad to be working with sophomores rather than freshmen.

Kim R.

Kimberley Reimers is the name my parents gave their
only child. All my life i have heard two different stories as
to why my name is spelled with a "ley" rather than the
traditional "ly". The first is that the spelling came from
the Kimberley Diamond Minds in Africa. The second is that my
Mom was still coming off the drugs from childbirth and when
they asked her how she wanted to spell my name she misspelled
it. I used to hate that my name was not spelled the ordinary
way, but over the past 21 years i have grown to like being a
little different. One of my favorite things to do is read, but
ironically i am a horriable speller. This makes the second
explaation much more believable. I am a senior in CSOM so 75% of
my work is number related, therefore spelling does not present
too much of a problem. I also attribute my bad spelling
partially to being from Wayne, New Jersey. Most people there
have a tendencey to shorten words so that growing up i thought
words such as drawer were spelled draw, because when people
speak about a place to keep things it is in the "draw". I do
not consider myself to be a sterotypical Jersy girl. For the
most part i dress conservitivly, i love the outdoors (not the
mall),and i hate diner food.

Kim D.

Hi, my name is Kim Damuth. I am from Claremont,California which is close to
Pasadena and L.A. Freshman year when people found this out the first question
that they asked me is "Do you surf?" and "why did you ever decide to come out
here for school?" To tell you the truth, I love it out here and consider
Boston more and more my home.

I am a Human Development major with a HR minor and entering my senior year. I
can't believe that these college years have gone by so fast. I have a
concentration in Marketing so for the past two summers I have had internships
in the marketing field. This summer I stayed in Boston and worked at TJX in
their event marketing department.

Besides that I love to hike, travel and ski. I spend at least a week skiing
at Mammoth Mountain in cali. I also had the opportunity to ski for a day in
the Sierra Nevadas in Granada, Spain while studying abroad. Well...that is it
for now.


Hi! My name is Kristin Henny and I am a junior in the LSOE. I am
majoring in Elementary Education and Human Development and minoring in
Human Resources and Spanish. That may seem like a mouthfull, but I
wanted to cover all my interests so that I am not limited after a
graduate (actually, I am just very indecisive).

This year I am living on Gerald Road in a house with eight of my
friends. But, when I am not in Boston I live in Allendale, NJ with my
parents and brothers and sister.

I am on the Women's Rowing Team at BC and I love it even though I have
to wake up very early every morning. We just went varsity this year and
I am eagerly awaiting the benefits of being a varsity athlete (namely
free sweatpants). I am also involved in the 4Boston Program, the SOE
Senate, and the International Assistant Program.


Here a little about myself. I was born in 1977 in the eastern part of
Germany. So I grew up in my first 12 years of living in a Russian determined
system. But that sounds worse than it was. As a child one encounters so much
don'ts that one doesn't realize the strictness of a governmental system. But
from nowadays I am very glad about the unification with Western Germany.
Because living in such a system becomes as more difficult as more you begin to
ask questions. My highschool years I spent in a dormitory school. There my
thought of studying Psychology ripened. In 1996 I went to Dresden for studying
Industrial Psychology. Being short before to write my thesis about teamwork in
companies I took that great opportunity to attend that exchange program. And I
am very excited which new research approaches I will learn in this course.


Hello everyone. Just a few things about myself here. I was born two days
before Christmas in Jacksonville, Fl in 78. Lived there and a few other
spots in New England early in my life before settling in Portland, ME as a
young kindergarden buck. I've been raised on three strong virtues: Family,
Religion, and Sports. I'm a Roman Catholic, whose devotion can be attributed
to being a frustrated N.E. sports fan. My immediate family family is small,
w/ one sister who is a budding Frosh at Loyola MD, however am one of some 35
1st cousins. I was blessed to celebrate my Great-Grandfather's 100th B-day
with him and our family in Galway, Ireland, where I studied my Junior year.
I'm now very fortunate and excited to be back on the Heights to finish up
another full chapter of my life. Look foward to hearing from you all and
seeing you in class. Peace.


My name is Lisa Grandy. I was born and raised in Boston on May 17,1979. I am
the middle of three girls. My older sister just graduated from BU. My younger
sister is graduating from high school this year. (Oh - and 2 Golden Retrievers
and a cat! --- NOT a ferret and a squirrel!!!) My parents just recently
celebrated their 25th anniversary. I spent last semester abroad in Melbourne,
Australia and traveling all around before and after (Fiji Islands, West coast,
Central and East coast Aussie, Tasmania, New Zealand and Tahiti). I actually
just got back from spending a few weeks in France and having an EXTREMELY
rough time adjusting back to school. My major is in LSOE in Human Development
and my minor is in CSOM in HR Mgmt/Organization Studies. I do not know what I
want to do when I graduate (besides travel). I babysit for a wonderful family
of 4 children and I work in the Dean's Office in CSOM and I am living in Voute
this year. Take care.


I am attempting to sign on to the list serve. Hopefully this is working.
My name is Meghan Kelly and I am currently a senior here at Boston College.
I am majoring in Human Development with a focus in Human Resources. I am
also minoring in Organizational Studies and Mathematics.
Here is some background information on me. I am from a small town in
Southern Maryland called Hughesville. Much of the land in this area is used
for farming, so nothing exciting goes on there. Much of my time at home is
spent with my family. I am one of six children, so there is always a family
event to go to.
I am currently living in a family house in Winthrop because BC is horrible
to their transfer students. If all goes well I will be getting on campus
housing soon.
My plans after graduation are to find a job in Human Resources in the Boston


I'm Jill Amitrani
I'm a HD major and an HR minor. I'm a senior at Boston College and have
absolutely no direction in my life after college. I am debating, however,
the possiblity of JVC for a year. Like every third person at BC, I am from
NJ and have a HUGE amount of Jersey pride. Its a culture you have to live
with to appreciate!!! I'm a member of My mother's fleabag improv group.
We're holding auditions this week if anyone is interested!
Hope everyone has a good year.


Hi all. My name is Gail Dirschberger and I am a senior in CSOM. I am a HR and
Operations/Strategic Management major - possibly the two most opposite majors
you can find. I love them both though! I am from Phoenix, AZ and I am an only
child. Everyone gives me a painful look when I tell them that, but it's not so
bad. After all, it made me become very close to my parents. After graduation I
have no idea what I am going to do because I am torn between the absolutely
perfect west and the east where all of my friends will be. Tough decisions
ahead... But for right now I am enjoying my senior year in my Mod with my
friends and taking in some classes along the way! Have a great day!


My name is Linda Fung, and I come from New York City. Actually, I was born in
Hong Kong, but I was very young when I moved to NYC. I have two older
sisters. I am also the proud mommy of a beautiful little dog named Emme, whom
you will be hearing much more of since I talk about her constantly.

I used to be very active in UGBC, ALC and AC, but this year I'm not doing
anything of the sort. I am focusing on my HR/Marketing major with a minor in


Hi guys! I guess it's my turn.

I grew up about 20 minutes down the road from BC, in a town called Natick
which is now known as the town that produced Doug Flutie and has a giant
shopping mall. Pretty exciting, but seriously I really enjoyed growing up
there. I am the only girl in the middle of two boys and lucky for me my mom
stayed at home while my dad worked as a finance executive. I have a dog
named Molly and I love any type of sports--I am a true tomboy at heart. I
spend my summers on the beaches in Prince Edward Island, Canada although I
get up there less and less each year which means I am truly no longer a kid
anymore, a sad thought.

More recently I just returned from a semester and summer in Cork, Ireland
which was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Currently, I am
feeling a little overwhelmed right now because I just returned to the states
about 2 weeks ago so I am experiencing reverse culture shock which I am sure
anyone who went abroad can relate to. So if you have any tips or pointers
I would love to hear them. See you in class.


My name is Kristyn O'Brien and I am a senior in CSOM. I am double majoring in
Marketing and Human Resource Management. I am from Woburn, MA (if any of you
have heard of the movie, A Civil Action, w/ the bad took place in
my town).

THis summer I had a job in Human Resources at Gillette. I am continuing the
job on Mon, Wed, and Fri. I loved it because I learned so much about Human
Resources and the company is great. Hopefully I will get a job w/ them when I

I also do track here, and as I mentioned, I pole vault. I also love doing
this because I love to flip. Hopefully our team will be better this year.

I have 2 brothers, and one just left to be a freshman at Florida State. I
miss him immensely. I am nervous that I am doing too much in my senior year
when I should be relaxing in my mod w/ my friends. I will see how it goes. I
am excited about this year though, and I look forward to our class. Talk to
you later.


"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star" -Nietzsche

This quote is one that pretty must encapsulates who I am. My name
is Pam Robertson and I am a senior Human Development/Human
Resource Management major with a minor in Spanish. My life is
quite chaotic between classes, friends, family, my co-curricular
activities, and my job, but I like it that way and would be bored
if I was not always on the move. I just came back from a semester
abroad in Sevilla, Spain which I absolutely loved and I would be
there right now if I could. I am an International Assistant at BC
and through this program have become friends with many exchange
students at BC which has been a very rewarding experience during
my part 4 years at BC.

I am originally from Danvers, Massachusetts, which is about 15
miles outside of Boston and have since lost my thick Boston accent
that I have had since childhood. I have an older brother who is an
accountant at Arthur Andersen at Boston and also my own financial
advisor since I have a problem with money burning a hole in my
pocket! In my free time, which is not very often, I enjoy reading,
with Ayn Rand being my favorite author, playing tennis, and
spending time with my friends. Next year I am hoping to get a job
in recruiting, possibly for Gillette, although I am also
interested in the fashion industry. I look forward to getting to
know you all in class and will see you tomorrow!


My name is Wendy Lee and I'm a senior in the School of Education. I am
majoring in Human Development/Human Resources with a minor in Organizational
Studies. I am actually from Boston. I attended one of the exam schools in
the Boston area, Boston Latin Academy. Although I live 10 minutes from BC, I
still live on campus. Why not? You have the best of both worlds. I can go
home to do laundry and eat, but also have more privacy at school. It has
worked out very well these past three years. This past summer I worked at the
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as a Human Resources Intern. I feel like I
learned a great deal at this internship because I had a lot of hand on
experience. Moreover, I enjoyed working with the people at the Bank. They
made my experience very pleasant and enjoyable. After I graduate, I want to
work in the HR field. I feel this field fits me because I'm a very personable
person and I enjoy working with people a great deal. Hopefully, my senior
year will be a great one!


My name is Sarah Zoccolante. I am a Senior living in Rubenstein. I am a Human
Developement major/Human Resources minor. I'm from Plymouth, Massachusetts.
This summer, I was a nanny and worked in a Human Resources office where I will
continue to work this semester. I am really looking foward to my senior year,
but I can't believe that I'm almost graduating. I'm not really ready yet. But,
this is going to be a great year.


I'm Tom McCarthy and I am a human resources major in CSOM. I am also a
senior living in Ignacio. Upon graduation, I hope to go into the HR
field, or possibly web design, which I enjoy greatly. A little
background about myself: I have lived all of my life in Framingham, MA.
Actually, an interesting fact about myself, which I didn't think to
mention the first day of class, is the fact that I was born almost 4
months premature! Back in 1979, the survival rate was minimal,
but amazingly, I made it through with no lasting health problems. As I
said the first day of class, I run a landscaping business in Framingham
in the summer. Actually it is more like April-November, so I pretty
much work every fri, sat, sunday, except when there are football games.
I started this when I was 12 years old, by mowing a couple of lawns with
my Dad's lawnmower. Every year it grew a little bigger and I bought
more and more equipment. It is now a full time summer job. I am very
proud because, three weeks ago, I actually purchased a
brand new truck. In my free time I enjoy
fishing and waterskiing at my Grandparents summer house in Hull, MA. I
also enjoy running, skiing, and jui-jitsu. I am looking forward to a
great senior year, see you all in class.


Hi, my name is Brandon Ferrara. I am a senior majoring in HR and Computer
Science. I live in the mods, which means that I rarely get more than four
hours of sleep a night . I am from Long Island, NY where I have lived since I
was five. When(or if) I graduate in May I hope to work for an internet
start-up company, in hopes of starting my own someday. Between school, work
and mod life, I somehow find time to rollerblade, play pick-up games of
football, and cook(my specialty is Italian). I also take pleasure in watching
the Red Sox and the Patriots get crushed by the Yankees and Jets every year.
Something interesting about myself is that I worked three jobs this summer.
During my day job, I worked for a contractor, where I mostly installed large
air conditioning systems, some nights I worked at a pool hall, and on the
weekends I ran a DJ company, doing mostly block parties and sweet sixteen
parties. That's about all I have to say about myself...


Hi. My name is Julie Autieri and I am a senior in the School of Ed. I am 20
years old and my birthday is December 1st. My major is human development with
a minor in organizational studies. I am from Cranston, Rhode Island, where I
lived with both of my parents. My family is Italian-American. I have one
sister named Alicia and she is 22.
I am currently working with a community organization in Jamaica Plain. I help
supervise a youth leadership team and an afterschool program. I love working
with kids from various backgrounds. When I graduate, I want to work in a
supervisory position for a nonprofit involved in improving the lives of youth.


This is Grace Yoon.
I am a senior in the school of Ed. studying Early childhood and
Human Development. Most people think that I am preparing to be a
teacher but I don't think so, not in the very near future.
Actually, I have no clue what I want to do.
I came to the States when I was six years old. I've lived in NYC
ever since. I love New York!!! I am definately more of a city

I have a younger sister who is a sophomore at Barnard.

My first language was Korean. I can speak Korean fluently. I
struggle to hold on to my culture. I visit Korea frequently to
keep in touch with relatives.

I enjoy going to museums and little boutiques. I play piano and
love to shop. I can sit in a cafe for hours.

I am a christian. I take my faith seriously. It governs the way I

I just went out into the hall and I could hear Oprah blasting from
everybody's rooms... gotta see what's going on.
We all know that there's so much to a person that a 150 word bio.
just won't do it. Hope to get to know all of you as we spend more
time together.


Hello, my name is Tengku Aslahuddin Azlan but please call me AL (coz I know
how difficult it is to pronounce!) I am a second semester senior majoring in
HRM and I come from Malaysia (For those who don't know where it is, look
beneath Thailand on a map!) Anyway, I have practically studied away from home
for almost 10 years. Singapore was the first place I went to in 1991, followed
by England in 1994 (I went to the same high school as Winston Churchill!!)
After I graduate, I am hoping to do HRM, probably in the U.S. or Europe coz I
am definitely not ready start work back home!!! Anyway, see you all in class!!


Hello, my name is Shinique Williams and I am 20 years old. I am the oldest of
three children; I have one brother and one sister. My parents are Darrell and
Priscilla Williams. Overall, I tend to think that I have a pretty okay
family. I am a senior (class of 2001) in the Carroll School of Management
here at Boston College. Majoring in Human Resources Management, I am also a
part of the pre-law program here at BC. A native of Southern California, I
now live in Southwest Texas, San Antonio to be exact. My favorite color is
purple and rightly so, it is a royal color and I am an heir to the throne of
King Jesus. I am the President of Black Campus Ministry, I am vocalist in the
Voices Of Imani, member of Black Student Forum, and I will be a part of the
Bellarmine Law Academy. Above all else I aspire to and will be a great
attorney and judge someday.


My name is Sarah Helming. I am 20 years old and my birthday is December
26. I am the oldest sibling with one younger brother who is a freshman in
college. I was born in Sharon, Ct. but we moved to Cumberland, Me. when I was
six months old. I lived there until I was 13 and then moved back to Ct.
I am an Elemantary Education major with a double major in Human
Developement and a minor in HR. I hope to someday be either a third grade
teacher or work with the HR department of a small business. I have been very
active in athletics all of my life. I swam very competitively until I
graduated from high school. I am hoping to someday train and compete in a
triathalon, but right now much of my time is taken up with sailing. I am a
member of the Sailing team here at BC and we practice four days a week in
addition to competing every weekend. Competitions are called "regatta's".