Class Questionnaire

Please note that while I will hold most portions of this questionnaire in confidence, the questionnaire is NOT anonymous. I will not be revealing your secret password, nor information about yourself, such as GPA. However, I may show the class a social network diagram indicating who knows whom. 

NOTE: Do NOT press "Enter" until you are ready to submit the form. Use tab or cursor to move from field to field. 

Thanks for your help.

Q1. What is your name?
Q2. What do you want your secret code to be? (This will be used to post grades on the web. It can be a word, a number or any combination of letters and numbers. Leave blank if you do not want me to post your grades.) Secret code: 

Answer the following questions using the grid below. When you are done, press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

Q3. [KNEW BEFORE] In the grid below, please indicate who you knew before the first day of class (by "know" I mean someone with whom you've had at least one short conversation, and can match face to name)?

Q4. [KNOW NOW] Please indicate who you currently know in the class. Again, by "know" I mean that you know who it is, and you have had a face-to-face conversation.

Q5. [CLASS INFO] Please indicate with whom you have shared class-related information with (for example, class notes, information about assignments, explained material, etc.)

Q6. [GPA] Please guess the grade-point average (GPA) of each person in the class, including the people you don't know, and including yourself. (Their photographs are posted here). IMPORTANT: You must include your own GPA!



Jill Amitrani

Julie Autieri

Al Azlan

Anja Claus

Kim Damuth

Michelle Dilisi

Gail Dirschberger

Brandon D. Ferrara

Linda Fung

Lisa Grandy

Paige Harden

Sarah Helming

Kristin Henny

Meghan Kelly

Wendy Lee

Tom McCarthy

Kristyn O'Brien

Kim Reimers

Pam Robertson

Cara Rooney

Brian Veroneau

Shinique Williams

Grace Yoon

Jessie Yu

Sarah Zoccolante