Class notes on


- types

- issues

- Descriptive questions


Structural Questions

desc vs structural

- Analyzing Interviews

  1. learning the cultural referents of words and concepts. what every person knows about mice. children like, some adult females scared of them. can buy mouse poison. theme park and cartoons use mice as characters. subjects for scientific experiments in medicine. get rich building a better mousetrap. There's only a few things, but they are not given in the dictionary definition of mouse -- the 4-footed rodent with the pink nose.
  2. emic ethnography is understanding the cultural items that populate respondents' worlds, and the relationships among those items. It's a network analysis. 
  3. categories. things grouped. categories within categories. relationships between categories. boys is a category, so is girls, and they contrast with respect to children. Sequential relations like months of the year, steps in a wedding.