Sutton & Rafaeli

The assignment is to read the following journal article:

Sutton, R.I. and A. Rafaeli. 1988. "Untangling the relationship between displayed emotions and organizational sales: The case of convenience stores." Academy of Management Journal. 31(3):461-487. 

You can get it in the library, or you can download it from here. Just click on "download" below. Two things to be aware of:  First, if you are using a phone line to connect to the internet, this download will take a long time (10 minutes?). Second, it is a .pdf file, which means your computer needs to have pdf reader program (most computers do). If your computer doesn't have one, download the Adobe Acrobat pdf reader (for FREE) from: (at least, that's where the Windows version is).

Download Sutton & Rafaeli