MB 709
Background Survey


In this questionnaire, I will ask you a miscellaneous set of questions about yourself. Please note that the data will be used in class and will not be kept confidential. If there is something you do not want revealed, don't answer the question.

Q1. Your name: 

Q2.  How old are you?

20s     30s     40s     Really old

Q3. What company do you work for?

Q3. What is your job title?

Q4. Describe your job -- what do you actually do all day?

Q5. How many people report directly to you?

Q6. How many people report directly and indirectly to you in total:

Q7. Which newspapers do you read the main section of nearly every day? (It doesn't count if you read other sections but not the main section.)

Boston Globe     NY Times     Wall Street Journal

Other papers read almost daily:

Q8. Two-letter Keirsey (Myers-Briggs) personality type:


Thank you!