MB 709
Social Network Questionnaire


In this questionnaire, I will ask about your ties to other people in the class. Basically, you'll see a list of everyone's names, and some boxes next to them that you can check off.  The results will be presented in class and used to illustrate concepts of social network analysis and informal organization. This means that the data will NOT be kept confidential.   When you're done, press the "Submit" button at the bottom. Please note that before pressing "Submit", you must enter your own name exactly as it occurs on the list -- that's crucial! Thanks for your help.

Q1. Your name (please spell the same as written below):


Q2. Acquaintance. Please indicate which members of this class you were acquainted with as of the start of 2004 (i.e., before our first class). This means anyone that you have spoken to before (in 2003 or before). If you have not met them but merely know who they are, don't include them.


Cheryl  Bain

Stephen  Banda
Tracy  Beddeos
Wyndell  Bishop
John  Dailey
Kristen  Dauenhauer
Rachel  Dunlap
Christine  Fiske
Michael  Ganann
Karleen  Greene
Sidhartha  Hazarika
Kelly  Heaps
Jonathan  Hubbard
Philip  Infurna
William  Kelsey
Sheila  Khan
James  Laplante
Vanessa  Loeblich
David  McKanna
Elizabeth  McQuaid
Veronique  Menou
Vinod  Mohan
Ryan  Oremus
Leonard  Petitti
Nate Rand
Joshua  Reinhard
Purvi  Sanghvi
Victor  Saratella
Jennifer  Vallejos
Jon  Warn
Timothy  Whelehan
Guangsong  Xiao
William  Young