Team Project Proposal

This should be a short (1-2 page) description of your team project. The proposal should give me a general overview of what you are planning to do, touching on most of the following:

  • Name of the organization(s) you will study and why you have selected them.
  • How you will obtain data on the organization relevant to the analysis. Some evidence that you can in fact obtain the data you will need is helpful here.
  • What the issues and events are that you expect to explore. For example, power? leadership? decision-making? 
  • Some indication of your attack plan. For example, a timeline, who is doing what, etc.

Once you hand in the proposal, I'll notify you by email as to whether the project is acceptable or not. (The proposal itself is not graded other than checking off that it was done on time. If the proposal is missing something I need, I will simply ask you for it.) In addition, over remaining weeks, I will check in on you to make sure you are on track and see if you need any help.