Social Networks Analysis: UCInet

Draft Workshop Agenda

Boston College, Gasson Hall 009



Presenter: Inga Carboni


Thursday, November 4


6 pm to 6:45.  Introduction

Workshop overview

What is the network perspective?

Examples of SNA research questions and answers

Getting acquainted with UCInet and Netdraw (hands-on exercise)


6:45 to 7:45.  Network data

            Matrix data

§          one-mode, two-mode

§          directed versus undirected

§          symmetrical or asymmetrical

§          valued or dichotomized

How to handle missing data

Ego network versus whole network

            Cognitive social structures (CSS) and recall biases

            Examples of social networks questionnaires

Data entry (hands-on exercise)

§          Inputting data: attribute versus relational data

§          Dl: fullmatrix, nodelist, edgelist

§          Excel/SPSS


7:45 to 8.  Break


8 to 9.  Visualization (hands-on exercise)

Open both relational and attribute data in Netdraw and manipulate them to highlight

§          strength of relations

§          direction of relationship

§          attributes of nodes

§          egonets

§          multiple relations. 

Also, to save results as a picture.



Friday, November 5


3 pm to 4.  Transformations

            Transforming data (hands-on exercise)

§          symmetrize

§          join

§          dichotomize (discuss cutpoints)

§          unpack

§          egonet [if time]


4 to 4:30.  Measures of centrality

            Explaining the math

§          Degree: in-degree, out-degree

§          Closeness

§          Eigenvector

§          Betweenness


4:30 to 5. Break


4:45 to 5:30. Measures of centrality (hands-on exercise)


5:30 to 6:30.  Cohesion

            Explaining the math; running the procedures

•     density and average degree

•     average distance and diameter

•     centralization [if time]

•     core/peripheriness [if time]

Cohesion (hands-on exercise)


6:30 to 7.  Overview of other procedures and wrap-up

            Brief introduction to other UCInet functions

§          cliques/subgroups

§          regression/correlation

§          brokerage

For more information on SNA and UCInet…