CDA Exercise

For this group exercise (the entire class will do the same project), you will collect freelist and pilesort data on one cognitive domain. The domain will be chosen in class. Some possibilities (all of which have been done before):

The data will be collected from undergraduate students. You can use classes, or walk up to students in the dining halls, or whatever.

Phase 1. Freelisting.

These data will be collected, entered into the computer in a single combined file, and emailed to me by the date given in the schedule. But you should send preliminary data earlier in the week to make sure the data format is exactly right.

To collect the data, you will ask a total of 100 respondents to "Write down all of the _________ you can think of." Give them no more than 5 minutes. This can be done by email if you like (quality of the data is not as good, but it sure is convenient).

Here is the data format (entered in text file):

Freelist of emotion terms

*Resp data
id gender
mary    f
joe    m
jim    m

resp mary

resp joe

resp jim
"beside himself"


Phase 2. Pilesorts.

In class, we will choose a set of items that were frequently mentioned in the freelisting. You will then make up several decks of cards. In each deck, there is a card corresponding to each item. On one side, the card has written in large bold letters the item. For example, for the domain of emotions, you might see a card with "ANGER" written on it. On the other side of the card is an id number of the item. For example, "anger" might be item #1. (Best to number them in alphabetical order). You hand the deck to a respondent and say "Sort these [emotions] into piles according to how similar you think they are. You can use as many or as few piles as you want. Go.". When the respondent is done, ask him or her to name or describe each pile. Then record the data. You need to collect at least 50 pilesorts.

You need to email me the combined data by the date listed in the schedule. But you should send preliminary data earlier in the week to make sure the data format is exactly right.

Here is the data format (entered in text file).

Holidays Pilesorts collected among BC undergraduates

*item data
id	name
1	April_Fools
2	Christmas
3	Columbus
4	Easter
5	Fathers
6	Flag
7	4th_Of_July
8	Groundhog
9	Halloween
10	Hanukkah
11	Kwanza
12	Labor
13	MLK
14	Memorial
15	Mothers
16	New_Years
17	Passover
18	Presidents
19	Ramadan
20	Rosh_Hashanah
21	St_Patrick
22	St_Valentines
23	Thanksgiving
24	Veterans
25	Yom_Kippur
26	Patriots
27	Cinco_de_Mayo
28	Secretaries

*respondent data
id	gender
Shawn	f
Heidi	f
Dan	m
CarolB	f
Gail	f
Sara	f
Info	u
CarolG	f
HAnn	u
Mi-Young	f
MF	u
MikeP	m
MikeF	m
Deanna	f
Stacey	f
SK	u
GeoA	m
Patricia	f
Ken	m
Kathy	f
S22	u
WW23	u
Kel24	u
x25	u
APAss't	u
Diane	f

respondent Shawn
pile 1: 21 7 16
pile 2: 23 22 9
pile 3: 13 26 3 14 12 18 8 15 28 6 5 1 24
pile 4: 10 25 4 2 17

respondent Heidi
pile 1: 3 6 7 12 14 18 24 26
pile 2: 2 4 9 16 23
pile 3: 1 8 13 28
pile 4: 21 22
pile 5: 5 15
pile 6: 10 17 25