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29 Mar.  Class begins at 3pm in F240 today. There is a HyperResearch demo in the same room from 1:15 to 3pm.

28 Feb.  I found an error in the schedule. I had intended the tape of your ethnographic interview be due March 15 (the week after spring break) so that we could discuss them in class. But on the schedule it was listed a week later. I've changed it back, but if you can't do the interview in time, don't worry about. If you can do it in time, that would be great so that we can play snippets in class.

22 Feb. Class tomorrow is at our regular time of 2:31.

15 Feb. The ethnography paper is cancelled.  Well, not exactly. The final paper can now be an ethnographic paper -- you don't have to do both. So I have deleted (or tried to delete) all references to that paper.

15 Feb.  Today Sharlene Hesse-Biber is our guest-lecturer. Class starts at 2pm today.

31 Jan 06.  I've made a change (gasp) in the schedule, in order to accommodate Rich DeJordy's schedule, who will be teaching us HyperResearch. So please note that the next two weeks have been flipped so that content analysis now precedes the HyperResearch demo.

26 Jan 06.  I have set up a listserv for the class. If you have not received an email containing a story about being 6, please let me know because it means you are not a member of the listserv yet. To send mail to the class, send your email to mb870@listserv.bc.edu . Please use this to discuss matters of interest to qualitative research methods. I often throw out a topic via the listserv that I want us to discuss. I consider this part of class participation. 

23 Jan 06.  I wasn't able to find the Writing Up Ethnography document -- it's gone from the Wellesley website and apparently I don't have a copy.


20 Dec 05.  Do you know the boiled frog idea? It's a myth. See this link.

05 Nov 05.  I've started updating the site for the Spring 2006 class.

2 Apr. I've added pictures from my birthday party to the photo page. Thanks to all (and especially Jennifer). It was much appreciated.

1 Mar.  No one mentioned the lack of a link for the Shweder & D'Andrade article due this Thursday! I have added it.

24 Feb.  I've changed the schedule to move the Atlas exercise and the ethnography assignment back one week each. Important note: the Levi-Strauss homework is still due next week. Come prepared to present your chain of binary oppositions implied by a paper.

 11 Feb.  Here is Rich DeJordy's web page. (Try to ignore the fact that on this page he refers to himself as "we").

9 Feb.  A Michigan company has decided to fire employees who smoke, even on their own time. See the Globe story here. The war between the collectivists and the individualists is coming!

8 Feb. Last night / this morning I added link to the Barry Lewis article on Atlas. In the process I lost the reference to the chapter in Roberts that is due. But now it has been restored, with bells.

1 Feb. Please get acquainted with the current free-speech flap involving activist and Vietnam vet Ward Churchill (tenured professor at the Univ of Colorado, dept of ethnic studies). A Republican congressman is trying to get him fired for his views on terrorism and 9/11 (Churchill essentially blames US foreign policy).  Here is a starting point. Here is another.

Recent study:  When told of the exact text of the 1st Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it goes ''too far'' in the rights it guarantees. Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

One thing to think about: how ideology and censorship affect inquiry and understanding in qualitative research.

Click here to view a larger image.

24 Jan. Added Deanna and Barbara to listserv.

23 Jan. Important: I've set up a listserv for the class. If you did not receive an email from me through the listserv, please email me right away. Thanks.

23 Jan. Class pictures have posted (see photos page). Take a look at recent articles like this one on the linguistics of privatizing social security. See also this one on George Lakoff. More generally, does language determine thought? Or the other way around?

20 Jan. Welcome! The class website is now ready. But a word of warning: I often make changes in the course as we go along, reflecting the make-up of the classroom and how things are going. So you must continue to check this site every few days, and especially as class time approaches.

17 Jan. I've updated the syllabus and schedule, but the site continues to evolve.

14 Dec. Class website under construction. But feel free to look around.