Data Collection Assignment

1. Collect some complete network data (not egonet data) on a small group. Ideally, collect 2 separate relations on the same people (e.g., advice and friendship). 

BC students: I would like you to use a Krackhardt CSS approach to map the social networks of our department (can limit to just students if you like, but including faculty would be interesting). Have just the people in this class be the respondents. Have each respondent indicate who has ties with whom among ALL members of the department (not just the respondents). Which ties to use is up to you. Could be trust, advice, friendship, daily interaction, etc. (choose two of them)

2. Import into UCINET and pool the data (e.g., by taking majority rule), to generate a single network that represents the aggregate estimate of who is connected to whom. 

3. do basic analyses (density, components, distances, ego network measures, etc.)

4. Export to Krackplot and draw diagrams. Detect cutpoints, bridges, subgroups, etc. Interpret!

5. Email me annotated Word file containing outputs.