The MB 874 Email Discussion Group

What is it?

It's a Yahoo group -- basically an automatic email forwarding system. You send an email to the group, and it automatically forwards your message to everyone in the class.

It will allow us to keep class discussion going outside of class, especially among those not physically located at BC. It is also makes it easy to send announcements to everyone, such as last-minute changes to the schedule.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe, visit the group's website at and click on "Join This Group!".

Alternatively, you can also subscribe by sending a blank email message to . However, when you join in this manner, you will not have access to the archive of past messages.

How to Send a Message

To send a message to the class, compose an email message like you usually do, fill in the "subject" field, and send the message to:

How to Unsubscribe

At the end of the course, you might want to unsubscribe from the list. To do this, just send a blank message to

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