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27 Jan 07.  Schedule has changed based on my reading of where the class was at last time. Also, have added class photos.

15 Jan 07.  Please bring laptops to this (and every) class.

13 Jan 07.  First day of class is Tuesday January 16th.


09 Jan 07.  I've started updating the web site for Spring 2007. Do *NOT* regard it as finished. If you are wondering how to prepare for class I suggest brushing up on three tools: (a) matrix algebra, (b) Excel, and (c) SPSS.


7 May. Sample qualifying exam questions are here.

26 Feb. This picture depicts the proper attitude a person should have when thinking about multivariate statistics:


23 Dec. Website updated for Spring 2006 edition of the course. It will continue to evolve of course (I don't consider the website finished until May 2006), but the basics are there.

1 May. There is no class tomorrow. Sample questions for the qualifying exam have been posted here.

30 Apr. Reminder: you will have 20 minutes each for your informal project presentations on monday

3 Apr. I've uploaded a dataset called music.xls that may be useful to play with in class.

28 Mar. Class will begin 1/2 hour late today. I've emailed you about this.

27 Feb. Try to bring a small dataset to class tomorrow that we can play with using MDS. Also, bring your laptops.

4 Feb.  No news is good news.

24 Jan. BC's website is saying afternoon classes are going ahead as scheduled, so see you there.

23 Jan. I'm expecting to have class tomorrow unless BC closes (which I doubt will happen). It will definitely screw up the schedule if we have to cancel.

15 Jan. Have uploaded syllabus. Will be finalized by Jan 24.

6 Jan. I'm just starting to develop this site. Don't trust anything you see on it. Except this announcement.