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PURPOSE Generates a dendrogram or tree diagram from hierarchically nested partition data.

DESCRIPTION This routine allows for the creation of the hierarchical cluster diagrams from a UCINET generated partition matrix.  It is also possible to generate the diagrams from user defined partition matrices.

Input dataset 
Name of file containing a partition indicator matrix.  A partition indicator matrix has rows which correspond to different partitions and columns which represent members of the groups.  A value of k in row i and column j means that actor j is in group k for the partition corresponding to row i.  All other actors in the same group should be assigned the same value in row i.  Each successive row must specify an increasingly finer (or coarser) partition.  The row labels (if specified) correspond to the levels of the partition.

LOG FILE A hierarchical clustering diagram either a tree diagram or a dendrogram. The plot re-orders the actors so that they are located close to other actors in similar clusters. The level at which any pair of actors are aggregated is the point at which both can be reached by tracing from the start to the actors from right to left. The scale at the top gives the level at which they are clustered. The diagram can be printed or saved. Parts of the diagram can be viewed by moving the mouse to the split point in a tree diagram or the beginning of a line in the dendrogram and clicking. The first click will highlight a portion of the diagram and the second click will display just the highlighted portion. To return to the original right click on the mouse. There is also a simple zoom facility simply change the values and then press enter. If the labels need to be edited (particularly the scale labels) then you should take the partition indicator matrix into the spreadsheet editor remove or reduce the labels and then submit the edited data.