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PURPOSE Convert a valued graph into a set of binary graphs.

DESCRIPTION A single binary graph is created for each different value of a valued graph. All created graphs are stacked in a single dataset.

Input dataset:
Name of file containing valued data. Data type: Valued graph.

Splitting operator (Default = EQ)
Choices are:

GT - Greater than yields Mijk = 1 if xij > wk
GE - Greater than or equal yields Mijk = 1 if xij wk
EQ - Equal yields Mijk = 1 if xij = wk
LE - Less than or equal to yields Mijk = 1 if xij wk
LT- Less than yields Mijk = 1 if xij < wk

where Mijk is the (i,j) entry of the kth adjacency matrix, xij is the (i,j) entry of the input data, and wk are the ordered values of the weights of the valued data placed in ascending order.

Include self- loops (Default = NO)
If NO then self loops are ignored.

Count zeros as valid relationships: (Default = NO)
If NO then no binary graph is created corresponding to the wk value zero. If YES then a binary graph corresponding to the value zero is included in the multigraph.

Output Dataset (Default = 'Multigraph')
Name of file that will contain multigraph as a set of binary graphs.

LOG FILE Constructed multigraph.


COMMENTS The number of relations constructed will correspond to the number of different values. Care should be taken not to enter datasets that will create a large number of binary graphs.