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PURPOSE Transforms a partition indicator vector into a group by actor incidence matrix and display partition by groups.

DESCRIPTION A partition indicator vector has the form (k1,k2,...,ki...) where ki assigns vertex i to group ki.  So that (1 1 2 1 2) assigns vertices 1, 2 and 4 to block 1;  and 3 and 5 to block 2.  A group by vertex incidence matrix has vertices as its columns and the groups as the rows.  A 1 in row i column j indicates that actor j is a member of group i;  the values are zero otherwise.

Input dataset:
Partition indicator vector.  This can either be entered at the keyboard by specifying the elements of the vector, each number separated by a comma or space or as a UCINET dataset.
For partitions kept in a UCINET data file enter the filename followed by ROW (or COLUMN) and a number to specify which row or column of the file to use. Data type: Partition indicator vector.

Output dataset: (Default = 'PartitionToSets').
Name of file which will contain group by vertex incidence matrix.

LOG FILE A list of the groups.  Each group is numbered and specified by the vertices it contains.


COMMENTS Partition indicator vectors enters using the keyboard are restricted to 255 characters.  Longer vectors should be specified using a UCINET dataset.