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PURPOSE To extract parts of a dataset from a UCINET dataset.

DESCRIPTION Extracts by means of specified lists rows, columns or matrices from UCINET IV datasets.

Input dataset:
Name of file from which data is to be extracted. Data type: matrix.

Are you going to Keep or Delete (Default = Keep)
User can either specify which rows, columns or matrices form the new dataset or which rows, columns or matrices will be deleted to form the new dataset.

Which rows (Default = All (None))
Rows to be kept or dropped are specified by a list. Each row number is listed separated by a comma or space. The keywords TO, FIRST and LAST are permissible. Hence FIRST 3, 5 TO 7, 10, 12 would give row numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12. ALL gives all possible rows, NONE gives no rows. Lists kept in a UCINET dataset can be used. Enter the filename followed by ROW (or COLUMN) and a number to specify which row or column of the file to use.The list must be specified using a binary vector where a 1 in position k indicates that vertex k is a member of the list, a zero indicates that k is not a member.

Which columns (Default = All (None))
Same as above but for columns.

Which matrices(Default = All (None))
In multirelational data matrices from different levels can be selected using the same list format as above.

Output dataset: (Default = 'Extract')
Name of UCINET dataset that will contain edited data.

LOG FILE Newly created dataset with labeled rows and columns.