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PURPOSE Plots one matrix column against another in the (x,y) plane.

DESCRIPTION Plots two specified columns of a matrix against each other.  The x co-ordinates (horizontal axes) are an element of the first column and the y co-ordinates (vertical axes) are the corresponding elements of the second column.  Points can be labeled using ASCII characters.

Input dataset:
Name of file containing matrix with data to be plotted. Data type: Matrix.

Column to use for horizontal or x-axis: (Default = 1).
Column number for horizontal axis.

Column to use for vertical or y-axis: (Default = 2).
Column to use for vertical axis.

File containing point labels, if any:
If blank then points are labeled by row number. If used, file should be ASCII and contain the labels.  The labels must be specified in a list, each separated by a comma, the list must contain the same number of labels as rows in the data matrix.

LOG FILE  A scatter plot with the tick marks on the axes.  Each point on the scatter plot is marked by the row of the column vectors or a label from the label file.  If two points have the same coordinates then the label corresponding to the highest row number is used.The scatterplot can be saved or printed. Simple editing can be achieved using the options button. The labels can be turned on or off and values can be attached to the points (or removed). The scales can also be changed. More advanced editing is possible by double clicking in the plot, this invokes the chart wizard. To find the label attached to a single point when all the labels are moved click on a single point, this will highlight all the points, then click a second time to highlight one vertex. Now double click on the vertex and the label will be highlighted in the chart designer. The save button and the save chart data option allow the user to save all the chart data into a file which can be reviewed using Tools>Scatterplot>Review. The chart itself can be saved as a windows metafile which can then be read into a word processing or graphics package.  Only one chart can be open at one time and the chart window will be closed if you click on any other UCINET window. 


COMMENTS This routine only works if the regional settings are set to UK or USA. If you do not have these regional settings and do not get a plot then change them in the settings control panel on your machine.