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PURPOSE Convert EXCEL files (4.0 or 5.0/95) into UCINET format.

DESCRIPTION Imports simple EXCEL files (4.0 or 5.0/95) into UCINET format. Note that the spreadsheet must have no extras such as shading or borders.

Input dataset:
Name of EXCEL type file containing data to be imported.

Output dataset: 
Name of UCINET data file, this will be set to the same name as the input file by default.

LOG FILE UCINET data file.


COMMENTS This is very sensitive and many users find it easier to copy and paste from their spreadsheet into the UCINET spreadsheet. The easiest way is to copy the data only (ie not the labels) paste into the UCINET spreadsheet by first blocking the same dimensions as you wish to import. To import the labels save them  and use the label import feature in DESCRIBE.