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PURPOSE Convert text files formatted for the Negopy program into UCINET datasets.

DESCRIPTION Reads the .dat and .nam Negopy files and creates a UCINET dataset.


Input link file: <*.dat>
Name of file, such as TRADE71.DAT, containing ties among actors. Format of the file looks like this:

19  23  156.7  26.2
19  28  162.3  28.9
The first line is a Fortran format statement, required by Negopy but ignored by UCINET. You can just put a blank line if you like. The second line indicates a tie from person 19 to person 23, of strength 156.7 on the first relation, and of strength 26.2 on the second relation.

Input name file: <*.nam>
Name of file, such as TRADE71.NAM, containing labels of actors. Format looks like this:

01 Billy-Bob
02 Johnny

Number of relations:(Default = 1)
Number of relations contained in the input link file (i.e., the number of columns of data after the two actor id numbers).

Output dataset:  (Default = 'Imported')
Name of UCINET dataset to be created.

LOG FILE Data displayed in matrix form.


COMMENTS Negopy is a program written by Bill Richards and Andy Seary.