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PURPOSE Convert UCINET data files into Mage format.

DESCRIPTION Converts UCINET data files including co-ordinate files and attribute files into Mage format for 3D visualization. 

(Input) Network dataset:
Name of file containing network data to be exported. Data type: Digraph
(Input) Co-ordinate dataset
Name of file containing co-ordinates of points for the layout of the data. These are as in the co-ordinate output of MDS. If there are no co-ordinates then this can be left blank.

Node attributes (if any)
Name of file containing actor attributes, given as a vector of shared attributes so that (1,2,3,1,2,2) means that actors 1 and 4 share the same attribute actors 2,5,and 6 share the same attribute and actor 3 has a different attribute from all the others. These attributes can be used in Mage to color the nodes according to the attribute.

Ball Size (Default = 0.15)
Radius of the nodes in the image, a value of zero eliminates nodes, typically values are from 0.05 to 0.5. 

Line thickness (Default = 2)
A number from 1 to 5 which specifies the thickness of the lines.

Arrow Size (Default = 0.25)
Size of arrow heads, typically values are from 0.05 to 0.5.

Arrow Angle (Default = 20)
The angle that the arrow makes with the edge in degrees.

Font Size (Default = 20)
Size of the font used on the image to display the node labels
Output File
Name of file to be created, normally the file extension should be .kin.

Launch Mage on Exit (Default = 'Yes')
If yes exported file is immediately displayed in Mage

LOG FILE Mage data file.