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PURPOSE Convert UCINET graph or digraph files into Pajek format together with any categorical attribute files.

DESCRIPTION Converts UCINET data files into Pajek format, the conversion can take valued data and dichotomize it during the export and also export associated categorical attribute files together with co-ordinate files. The conversion will also automatically delete isolated vertices if required.

(Input) Network dataset:
Name of file containing network data to be exported. Data type: Valued digraph.
Dichotomize vals > than:
For valued data a cut-off value used to convert the data to a binary matrix, for binary data leave blank.

Delete isolates? (Default = 'No')
If yes isolated vertices are not included in the exported file
(Input) Co-ordinate dataset
Name of file containing co-ordinates of points for the layout of the data. These are as in the co-ordinate output of MDS. If there are no co-ordinates then this can be left blank.

(Input) Attribute dataset 
Name of file containing categorical actor attributes, given as a vector of shared attributes so that (1,2,3,1,2,2) means that actors 1 and 4 share the same attribute actors 2,5,and 6 share the same attribute and actor 3 has a different attribute from all the others. If there is more than one attribute this can be combined into an attribute matrix with the rows representing the actors and each column corresponding to a different attribute.

Output Attribute file:
Name of Pajek attribute file to be created. If there is more than one attribute then one file will be created for each attribute with the same file name but with the column number added as the last character in the name. Pajek categorical attribute files have the file extension .clu.

Output Network file:
Name of Pajek file containing the adjacency matrix of the network, the file has .net as an extension.

Launch Pajek on exit?
If yes then Pajek is launched on exit.

LOG FILE Pajek .net data file.