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PURPOSE Construct an ego centered network from the whole network  

DESCRIPTION The neighborhood of an actor is the set of actors they are connected to together with the actors that are connected to them. An ego centered network is the subgraph induced by the set of neighbors. That is the network that consists of all the neighbors and the connections between them.  The idea of an ego network can be extended to a group of actors and the neighborhood is simply the union of the neighborhoods of the group. This procedure returns the adjacency matrix of the ego network and provides an option to include or exclude ego(s) from the network  

PARAMETERS Input Dataset
Name of file containing the network from which the egonet is to be constructed.

Focal Nodes
The node or nodes on whom the neighborhood will be built. Nodes are specified by a list. Each node  is listed separated by a comma or space. The keywords TO, FIRST and LAST are permissible. Hence FIRST 3, 5 TO 7, 10, 12 would give nodes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12.  Lists kept in a UCINET dataset can be used. Enter the filename followed by ROW (or COLUMN) and a number to specify which row or column of the file to use.The list must be specified using a binary vector where a 1 in position k indicates that vertex k is a member of the list, a zero indicates that k is not a member.
Include focal? (Default  = 'Yes')
Whether to include the focal nodes in the network or not.

Output dataset  (Default = 'Neighborhood')
Name of file containing adjacency matrix of the ego network.
LOG FILE Ego network adjacency matrix.