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PURPOSE Performs a cellwise transformation to every element of the dataset.

DESCRIPTION Applies one of the following transformations to every element in the data, raise to a power, take the logarithm, negate, take absolute value, take the reciprocal apply a linear transformation.

Input Dataset
Name of file containing data to be transformed. Data type: Multirelational
Output Dataset
Name of file containing transformed matrix.

Clicking on box activates the required transformation. Raise to the power, multiply by a constant and add a constant require the user to type in the constants in the relevant boxes. The defaults will result in an identity transformation. The order listed in the tick boxes is the order in which the transformations will be applied. Hence ticking raise to the power and add a constant will result in the cells being raised to a power followed by adding the constant. If the user requires these in a different order the routine will need to be used more than once applying the required transformation at each stage.
The user should also use the radio buttons to select whether the transformation should apply to the diagonal for square matrices.

LOG FILE The result of the transformation is displayed.


COMMENTS More complicated transformations can be made using matrix algebra.