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PURPOSE Give a statistical test for the comparison of the density of a network to a theoretical value.

DESCRIPTION This routine uses a bootstrap technique to compare the density of a network to a specified value. In essence a distribution is built up by sampling the network with replacement from the vertices. There is an assumption that vertices are interchangeable. 

PARAMETERS 1st Network
Name of UCINET dataset containing the datasets to be compared. Data type: Valued graph

Expected Density 
Value of the theoretical parameter to which the observed value will be compared.
Number of Samples
Gives the number of times sampling with replacement is used to construct the distribution.
LOG FILE The output gives the parameter value and the density of the matrix together with the difference and the number of samples taken. This is followed by the actual variance and the classical estimate of the standard error. The number of samples in the bootstrap are then reported together with the estimated bootstrap standard error, z-score and average density. Finally the proportion of differences (absolute, as large as and as small as) to the observed values are given.     

TIMING O(N^2) times number of samples 


REFERENCES Tom A.B. Snijders and Stephen P. Borgatti (1999)  Non-Parametric Standard Errors and Tests for Network Statistics. Connections 22(2): 1-11