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PURPOSE Counts the change in the number of triads for each ego in a whole network at two time periods taking into account categorical attributes.

DESCRIPTION Given network at two time periods (stored in a single dataset with two matrices), along with a categorical attribute, it counts changes in different types of undirected triads involving nodes with different attributes. Note that the egonets can be defined taking account of the direction of the edges but the changes in the triads treat an edge as undirected once it is included.

PARAMETERS (Input) Network Dataset
The UCINET network dataset containing the network at two time periods, that is two levels one level for each time period.  Datatype: directed graph.

(Input) Dataset containing categorical attributes
Name of file containing categorical attributes together with the column label of the required attribute.

(Output) Node level Measures
Name of file for node level output measures. The default is <inputfilename>-CTTANod. 
(Output) Network level Measures
Name of file for network level output measures. The default is <inputfilename>-CTTANet

Define egonet by
Radio buttons in order to define edges between ego and alters. Outgoing, incoming, recirocated or any can be selected. Once selected this is treated as an undirected edge in the triad change. 
Alter-alter ties
Reciprocated or any ties can be used. Directions are ignored for triad change count.

Table in which the i,j entry is the number of triads of type i at time T1 that are type j at time T2 where the types are as follows:
E0A0 = Null triads (no ties)
E0A1 = Ego has not ties but the two potential alters are tied.
E1A0 = Ego has tie to one alter; other potential alter is isolate.
E1A1 = Ego has tie to one alter (a broker), who is tied to the other potential alter.
x-y-z = (E2A0. i.e., brokerage) Ego has ties to both alters, who are not tied to each other.
          x is attribute value of first alter
        y is attribute value of ego (the broker)
          z is attribute value of second alter
E2A1 = (No brokerage) Ego has ties to both alters, who are tied to each other.
This is followed by a similar table for each ego in the network.