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PURPOSE Counts the change in the brokerage scores of each ego if existing ties are deleted or if missing ties are added in the ego network.

DESCRIPTION The brokerage score in an ego network is the number of non-adjacent pairs of actors. For each ego this routine looks at every other actor in the network and either deletes then edge if there is a tie or creates an edge if there is not a tie. The changes in the brokerage scores for the ego for each tie change and the total change for added links and total for deleted linksare also calculated.

PARAMETERS (Input) Network Dataset
The UCINET network dataset containing the network to be analysed.  Datatype: directed graph.

(Output) Dyadic elasticity matrix (Default  <inputfilename>-beDyadic)
Name of file containing elasticity matrix where row i column j contains the change in ego i's brokerage score by either deleting or adding a link to node j.. 
(Output) Node-level net changes dataset (Default <inputfilename-beNode)
Name of file contating total and average change for all the ties added and all the ties deleted for each ego.

Define egonet by
Radio buttons in order to define edges between ego nd alters. Outgoing, incoming, recirocated or any can be selected. Once selected this is treated as an undirected edge in the triad change. 
New to old ties
Reciprocated or any ties can be used. .

Elasticity matrix as described above.

Table giving total and average change in brokerage scores for each ego broken down by edges added (TotAdded, AvgAdded) and edges removed (TotRemoved, AvgRemoved) from each ego network.