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PURPOSE Calculates the betweenness centrality of each edge or line.

DESCRIPTION Let bjk be the proportion of all geodesics linking vertex j and vertex k which pass through edge i.  The betweenness of edge i is the sum of all bjk where j and k are distinct.  Betweenness is therefore a measure of the number of times an edge occurs on a geodesic.  

Input dataset:
Name of file containing network to be analyzed. Data type: Digraph.
Hierarchical reduction?
If yes is selected the edgebetweenness is submitted to an hierachical clustering routine.

Output dataset: (Default = 'EdgeBetweenness').
Name of file which will contain the betweenness centrality of each edge.

LOG FILE A matrix in which the i,j th entry gives the edge betweenness of the edge (i,j).
If hierachical clustering has been selected this is followed by a cluster diagram.


COMMENTS Betweenness centrality measures information control.  
REFERENCES Freeman L C (1979).  'Centrality in Social Networks: Conceptual Clarification'.  Social Networks 1, 215-239.