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PURPOSE Calculate the local bridge value of each edge.

DESCRIPTION A bridge is an edge whose removal disconnects the graph. A k-local bridge is an edge whose removal increases the distance of its endpoints to a value of k or more. This routine calculates the distance between the endpoints of each adjacent pair of vertices in the graph when the edge connecting them is deleted. It also provides a statistical summary at the node level and gives options as to what to replace non-adjacent and disconnected pairs with.

Input Network Dataset:
Name of file containing dataset to be analyzed. Data type: Digraph.
Output Dataset: (Default <inputfilename>-kloc)
Name of UCINET output file containing matrix of k-bridge scores

Output Dataset: (Default <inputfilename>-klocstats)
Name of UCINET output file containing matrix of node level statistics
What to output for non-adjacent pairs
The routine will substitute the k-bridge for each adjacent pair in the adjacency matrix. The user can select what to put in for the non-adjacent pairs. Choices are:
Geodesic Distance. This will be the geodesic distance in the original matrix and not with any edges deleted.
Missing values. This will appear as blanks

What to output for disconnected pairs
The removal of a bridge will cause the endpoints to be disconnected this option allows the user to select certain values. Choices are:
Missing value.These will appear as blanks
Max observed distance+1. The maximum value in the deleted geodesic distance matrix plus one.
Max possible distance+1. The maximum distance a pair of actors could be apart plus one, this will be N

LOG FILE The k-local bridge matrix. This is the original adjacency matrix with each one (which would represent an edge) replaced with the k-local bridge score. Disconnected and non-adjacent pairs have values as selected.
Node level statistics which are based on the rows of the k-local bridge matrix.