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PURPOSE Calculate the clustering coefficient of every actor and the clustering and weighted clustering coefficient of the whole network.

DESCRIPTION The clustering coefficient of an actor is the density of its open neighborhood. The overall clustering coefficient is the mean of the clustering coefficient of all the actors. The weighted overall clustering coefficient is the weighted mean of the clustering coefficient of all the actors each one weighted by its degree. This last figure is exactly the same as the transitivity index of each transitive triple expressed as a percentage of the triples in which there is a path from i to j. See NETWORKS>PROPERTIES>TRANSITIVITY.
Input network dataset: 
Name of file containing dataset to be analyzed. Data type: Digraph.

(output) Node-level coefficients (Default = 'ClusteringCoefficients')
Name of UCINET file that will contain the clustering coefficients for each actor together with their degree.

LOG FILE The overall clustering coefficient and the weighted overall clustering coefficient. 
A table with the actor level clustering coefficient together with their degree.



REFERENCES Watts D J (1999) Small worlds. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey.