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PURPOSE Identify Simmelian and embedded ties.

DESCRIPTION A Simmelian tie is a reciprocally connected pair with mutual ties to third parties and hence it is an edge embedded in a clique or triple. This routine counts the number of Simmelian ties between each pair of actors. Hence if actor i and j are in three separate triples together then the Simmelian matrix will have a three in row i column j. For cliques this would be the same as the clique co-membership matrix with the diagonal set to zero. 
If we only consider out-going ties than if i and j have a reciprocated edge then this is Simmelian if they both have an out-going link to a third actor k.

Input Dataset:
Name of UCINET file containing network data. Data type: Digraph
Output Dataset:
Name of file containing results. Default =<Inputfilename>- Simmel

Choice of using triples as the groups or cliques.(cliques not yet implemented)
Type of Output 
Weighted (counts) gives then number of triples or cliques the tie is embedded in.
Unweighted (binary) indicates whether there is a Simmelian tie between each pair of actors 
PermissableTypes of ties 
Reciprocated only considers reciprocated ties. Outgoing looks at the outward ties so that each actor in the reciprocated dyad has an out-going link to the mutual third party.

LOG FILE Matrix containing a count of the number of Simmelian ties for each pair of actors.


COMMENTS Currently the clique option is not implemented. However running a clique analysis will give the Simmelian ties in the clique co-membership matrix.

REFERENCES Krackhardt D 1999. The ties that torture: Simmelian Tie Analysis in Organizations. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 16 183-210.