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PURPOSE Calculates standard cohesion measures for a 2-mode network.

DESCRIPTION Calculates density, average distance, radius, diameter, fragmentation, transitivity and normalized distance directly on a 2-mode dataset taking account of the sizes of each mode.

Input 2-mode incidence matrix:
Name of file containing two-mode network to be analyzed. Data type: Matrix.

Output cohesion measures: Default <inputfilename>-2coh
Name of file containing 2-mode cohesion measures.
LOG FILE Table of standard measures defined as follows:
Density is the number of ties divided by n*m, where these no. of rows and cols in matrix.
Avg Dist is the average geodesic path length in the bipartite graph, within components.
Radius is the smallest eccentricity in the bipartite graph, within components.
Diameter is the length of the longest geodesic in the bipartite graph, within components.
Fragmentation is the proportion of vertices that cannot reach each other
Transitivity is the no. of quadruples with 4 legs divided by no. with 3 or more legs, in bipartite graph.
Norm Dist is Avg Dist divided into minimum possible in bipartite graph of given node-set sizes.

TIMING O((NM)^2) per iteration where N and M are the size of each mode.  


REFERENCES Borgatti SP and Everett M G (1997) Network analysis of 2-mode data. Social Networks 19 243-269.