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PURPOSE Trace all paths between specified nodes in the network.

DESCRIPTION Given two nodes in the network this routine finds all paths up to a specified length, or if no length is given all geodesic paths. For valued data it will find all paths with an average value greater than or equal to k. 
Input dataset:
Name of file containing network to be analyzed. Data type: Digraph
From node
Label or id number of starting node.

To node
Label or id number of terminating node.

Type of paths desired
Length<=K gives all paths up to length K. 
Avg strength>=K gives paths whose average value of weights is greater than or equal to K.

Value of K
The value of K to be used. Auto will find the minimum value for which a path exists and hence this will be set to the distance between the nodes and all paths will be geodesics.

LOG FILE List of paths satisfying the criteria

TIMING O(N^(K+1))