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DESCRIPTION Two 44x44 matrices.

BKHAMB symmetric, valued.
BKHAMC non-symmetric, valued (rankings).

BACKGROUND Bernard & Killworth, later with the help of Sailer, collected five sets of data on human interactions in bounded groups and on the actors' ability to recall those interactions. In each study they obtained measures of social interaction among all actors, and ranking data based on the subjects' memory of those interactions. The names of all cognitive (recall) matrices end in C, those of the behavioral measures in B.

BKHAMB records amateur HAM radio calls made over a one-month period, as monitored by a voice-activated recording device. BKHAMC contains rankings by the operators of how frequently they talked to other operators, judged retrospectively at the end of the one-month sampling period. A value of 0 meaning no interaction up to a maximum of 9.

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