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DESCRIPTION Two 40x40 matrices.

BKOFFB symmetric, valued.
BKOFFC non-symmetric, valued (rankings)

BACKGROUND Bernard & Killworth, later with the help of Sailer, collected five sets of data on human interactions in bounded groups and on the actors' ability to recall those interactions. In each study they obtained measures of social interaction among all actors, and ranking data based on the subjects' memory of those interactions. The names of all cognitive (recall) matrices end in C, those of the behavioral measures in B.

These data concern interactions in a small business office, again recorded by an "unobtrusive" observer. Observations were made as the observer patrolled a fixed route through the office every fifteen minutes during two four-day periods. BKOFFB contains the observed frequency of interactions;  BKOFFC contains rankings of interaction frequency as recalled by the employees over the two-week period. The rankings go from 1 for the most frequent to 39 for the least frequent.

REFERENCES See citations to the previous datasets.