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DESCRIPTION Two 10x10 matrices.

KNOKM non-symmetric, binary.
KNOKI non-symmetric, binary.

BACKGROUND In 1978, Knoke & Wood collected data from workers at 95 organizations in Indianapolis. Respondents indicated with which other organizations their own organization had any of 13 different types of relationships.

Knoke and Kuklinski (1982) selected a subset of 10 organizations and two relationships. Money exchange is recorded in KNOKM, information exchange in KNOKI. See Knoke & Kuklinski (1982) for details.

REFERENCES Knoke D. and Wood J. (1981). Organized for action: Commitment in voluntary associations. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.

Knoke D. and Kuklinski J. (1982). Network analysis, Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.