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DATASET KRACKAD non-symmetric, binary.
KRACKFR symmetric, binary.

DESCRIPTION Each file contains twenty-one 21x21 matrices. Matrix n gives actor n's perception of the whole network.

BACKGROUND David Krackhardt collected cognitive social structure data from 21 management personnel in a high-tech, machine manufacturing firm to assess the effects of a recent management intervention program. The relation queried was "Who does X go to for advice and help with work?" (KRACKAD) and "Who is a friend of X?" (KRACKFR). Each person indicated not only his or her own advice and friendship relationships, but also the relations he or she perceived among all other managers, generating a full 21 by 21 matrix of adjacency ratings from each person in the group.

REFERENCE Krackhardt D. (1987). Cognitive social structures. Social Networks, 9, 104-134.