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PURPOSE Perform simple operations on the diagonal of a square matrix.

DESCRIPTION Set the diagonal of a matrix to a new value.  Save the diagonal of a matrix.

Input dataset
Name of file on which to perform the transformations. Data type: Square matrix.

New diagonal value(s): (Default = 0).
A single value will set all diagonal elements to the value. A list will set the diagonal to the values in the list;  these values can be separated by a space or comma. The name of a data file of any UCINET dataset consisting of a square matrix of the same size.  The diagonal of the input dataset will be set to the same value of the diagonal of the specified data set.

  (Output) Diagonal Dataset: (Default = 'DiagonalSaveDiag').
Name of file which contains a square matrix with the diagonal of the input dataset as its diagonal and zeros elsewhere. This file is not displayed in the LOG FILE.

(Output) Changed Matrix: (Default = 'DiagonalNewMat').
Name of file which contains matrix with new diagonal values.

LOG FILE Matrix with reset diagonal.