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UCINET Bugs and FAQs


Posted: 29 June 05
Applies to:  Ucinet version 6.88 and above
Title: Procedures that want a row or column number seem to screw up

When ucinet expects multiple inputs separated by spaces as in the names of several independent variables then if one of your filenames contains spaces, it get confused. For example, if you enter this: 

Independent variables:  c:\program files\ucinet 6\datafiles\wiring.##h

the program will think that c:\program is one independent variable and files\ucinet is a second variable, and so on. But if you enclose the whole thing in quotes, ucinet knows that it should be treated as a single object. The same applies when ucinet expects input of the form <datasetname> COL|ROW <integer> as in

Row partition:  C:\DATA\CAMPATTR2.##H  COL 2

If your pathname contains spaces, as in


The program will think that C:\MY is the dataset, and that DATA\CAMP indicates the dimension (rows or columns)  and that ATTR is the row or column number. So instead use:


Posted: 29 Feb 04
Applies to:  Ucinet version 6.29 and below
Title: Old spreadsheet limited to 255 columns

The spreadsheet in ucinet 6.29 and earlier was limited to 255 columns, due to being based on Excel. (This seems to be the basis for the belief that UCINET is limited to 255 nodes.) The new spreadsheet in version 6.34 is limited only by memory (but gets slow for matrices bigger than about 2000 by 2000).

Posted: 29 Feb 04
Applies to: Ucinet version 6.29 and below
Title: "Can't open clipbard" error

This error can be fixed by running any output generating procedure before running the spreadsheet. For example, run Display on any dataset. Then open the spreadsheet. This error does not occur in the standalone spreadsheet nor the one in the Ucinet versions 6.30 and above.

Posted: 29 Feb 04
Applies to: Ucinet version 6.30-6.34
Title: Access error on opening new spreadsheet

This error doesn't seem to do anything -- you press ok and then continue working. But it is annoying. Hard to debug because it does not occur on the UCINET development machine.


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